11Shocking Health Benefits Of Chili Pepper

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Chili pepper is a nutritious spice with a hot sensation and a main staple in various house-hold .

In appearance,  it   has a reddish color when ripe and growns in shrubs.

It is scientifically called “Capsium annuum” and belongs to the family of “Solanaceae”.

The fruit pod pepper, can be consumed raw, cooked, dried and ground into powder to sauce and savory dishes.

However, the nutritious pepper is originated in Mexico and today, it is extensively grown in India, Turkey and among others.

Moreover, its characteristics is associated to the capsaicin compound in it.

In many centuries ago, chili pepper is used to cure several diseases among them are heart disease, anemia and osteoarthritis.

Health Benefits include :Reduce Blood Pressure, cognitive disorder, prevent heart disease, may prevent anemia, relief pain, reduce Nasal Congestion, anticancer, prevent Stomach Ulcer, boost immune system, enhance weight loss, maintain healthy eyes,

11 Shocking  Health Benefits Of Chili Pepper

1. Prevent Cognitive Disorder

To keep your body protected from cognitive disorder, opt for adequate nutrients with natural compounds, minerals and vitamins. Cognitive disorder such as Alzheimer’s disease, mental loss, and dementia, can be prevented by chili pepper. This is due to the fact that, chili pepper supplies iron and copper. These nutrients, particularly iron is known for new blood cells formation, leading to improvement of hemoglobin. Meaning they’re will be proper circulation of oxygen and nutrients which increase performance of the brain as well reduce cognitive disorder.

2. Reduce Blood Pressure

Chili pepper is a rich source of potassium, vitamin C and capsaicin. These antioxidant helps the body to get rid of toxins on the blood vessels (2) . Also, the potassium is responsible for relaxing the blood vessels which in turn facilites blood flow thereby combating high blood pressure. Series of research conducted shows that chili pepper has capacity to slow down high blood pressure. In addition, regular consumption of chili pepper, especially the hypertensive patients will immensely benefits from it.

3. Prevent Heart disease

One of the effective ways to prevent and minimize heart disease is by eating foods rich in natural compounds like capsaicin. The presence of this property, which helps boost the body’s potent to eliminate fibrin, reduce blood cholesterol, triglycerides levels even platelets aggregation. Removal of plaques, fat deposits on the arteries and blood vessels is said to reduce atherosclerosis, a main factor contributing to heart attack. Hence, to maintain and reduce heart disease chili pepper is recommended as it’s packed with various, capsaicin, vitamin and minerals.

4. Prevent Anemia

It might sound crazy but it is a reality! Deficiency of anemia is believed to be iron. Chili pepper is loaded with iron, copper, folic acid , vitamin C, and B vitamins . Iron is scientifically proven to enhance formation of new blood cells, while copper and vitamin C ensures absorption of red blood cells, acting as co-factors for metabolic activities, as well as strengthen immune system.  Moreover, folic acid is not only responsible for fighting anemia but also prevent birth defects in newborn.

5. Relief Pains

Capsaicin is a components of chili pepper and responsible for treating pains linked to osteoarthritis. It also work as Anti-inflammation, which helps reduce inflammation. Preparing meals with this pepper gives you chances to harnessing this benefit.

6. Reduce Nasal Congestion

Chili pepper helps remove congestion on the lung and reduce symptoms attributed to it. Capsaicin is responsible for neutralizing these mucus and phlegm. It  possesses antimicrobial and Anti-inflammatory properties. They help ward off bacteria and viral infection, which cause nasal congestion.

7. Anti- cancer

Some research conducted have suggested the efficiency of chili pepper in eliminating leukemia cancer. Another study by the American association for cancer research, concluded that the antioxidant, capsaicin found in chili pepper can profoundly eliminate prostate and leukemia cancer. So, spicing up your meal with chili pepper earn you chance of obtaining these medicinal benefits.

8. Prevent Stomach Ulcer

Chili pepper is very helpful in prevention of stomach ulcer. One of the key causes of stomach ulcer is Helicobacter Pylori (H. Pylori). It has antimicrobial properties, which greatly contribute in decreasing growth of bacteria in the body – stomach mucosal lining. However, you should be mindful of chili pepper consumption, when stomach ulcer has fully developed.

9. Boost immune system

To speed up the body defence mechanism, foods rich in nutrients is required. They contain vitamin C, vitamin A, copper, iron and capsaicin. All these nutrients work together in order to boost immune system. Most importantly, vitamin C helps maintain white blood cells.

10. Enhance Weight Loss

To successfully loss weight, what you give out must be greater than one ingested. Your physical activities, regular exercises and adequate eating accelerate weight reduction. These increase metabolic rate, helping burn off fat deposits and waste products. It gives hot sensation when consumed thus increasing metabolic rate ( 1) . Capsaicin found in chili pepper, is not only responsible for lowering fat deposits but tactically reduce your craving for foods.

11. Maintain Healthy Eyes

Chili pepper contains vitamin A, a beta-carotenoid and B vitamins. Prevention of night blindness, muscular degeneration and improvement of eyesight is associated with vitamin A content in it . Flavoring your meal with this delicious spice offers you a warm and a healthy eyesight.

Chili pepper is loaded with essential nutrients. It contributes profoundly in many bodily functions. There are different ways of consuming it; People prefer taking it raw, cooked, or ground before applying into meals. The benefits include maintenance of heart health, weight loss, immune system, stomach ulcer, anemia, Nasal Congestion and among others.

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