10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Folate -rich Foods

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Folate, also referred to as Vitamin B9, a water soluble vitamin needed in the body for synthesis of DNA, and blood cells formation.

It is sourced from legumes, vegetables meat and fruits.

Although, many foods are also fortified with synthetic folic acids, and are emphasized by expert to be taking, especially during infancy, pregnancy and adolescent as cells are multiplying at these stage for optimum growth and maintenance.

It is consider essential, in that the body cannot form them, it must be got through diet or synthetic folic acid; And this promote various bodily functions.

Folate is seem as a unique vitamin, in the sense that it keeps your blood circulation improved and reduce homocystein – capable of causing arterial wall deterioration and heart disease.


You may develop deficiency of folate, if your body is unable to absorb it from foods in the small intestine, excessive alcohol consumption, and some times genetic disorder. This lead to symptoms like anemia, red tongue, mental confusion, weakness, fatigue, headache,

Recommended Intake

The recommended daily allowance of folate varies depending on some factors include age, and gender.

Adult: 400 micrograms

Pregnant: 600 microgram

Lactating mothers : 500 micrograms

 Health benefits includeLower Risk Of Heart Disease,Improve Brain Health, Regulate Mood And Depression,Good For Pregnant Women, May Prevent Cancer, Maintains The Liver,Protect Bone Health, Immune Building,Boost FertilityBoost Fertility,Treat anemia

Food Source

Egg yolk
Fortified grains
Lime beans

10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Folate- rich Foods 

1. Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

Deficiency of folate has been associated to increase of homocystein in the body. Homocystein is a kind of amino acids, a chemical our body use to produce protein. Not surprisingly, folate and vitamin B 12 work in synergy to minimize appearances of homocystein in the blood. Without this approach, build up or blood clot formation on the walls of arteries might raise. Consequently, this result to obstruction of the free flow of blood to every parts of the body. This is way, heart diseases is sparked. Additionally, folate is part of coenzyme called tetrahydrofolate, which break down homocystein into methionine that is good for a healthy heart.

2. Improve Brain Health

Maintaining normal blood level of folate enable the body reduce homocystein, which has a harmful and inflammatory effect on the brain cells; and giving raise to abnormalities such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Accumulation of protein homocystein has been observed for it negative role in the neurons of the brain cells. In addition to prevention of memory loss, folate is required in the development of foetus. This is why nutritionists often advocate intake of folic acid diet or supplement, especially during early stage of pregnancy.

3. Regulate Mood And Depression

It participate in the synthesis of dopamine and serotonin which helps maintain and prevent depression. Low folate levels alters this functions, whereas Adding folate contained foods into your meals enhances stimulation of serotonin receptor cells in the brain, thus stabilizing mood and reduce depression.

4. Good For Pregnant Women

Deficiency of folate has been attributed to the development of neural tube defects during pregnancy. Neural tube defects is a malformations of the brain, or spinal cord during embryonic development. Consumption of folate before conception and during pregnancy assist in the development of foetus. Green leafy vegetables is recommended as they contain abundant of folates. It helps reduce premature birth and generally protect the unborn child.

5. May Prevent Cancer

Folate can be useful in terms of cancer prevention, especially those likely to develop cancer, because of their life style. Though, research is needed to known how folate can inhibit cancerous cells.

6. Maintains The Liver

Liver do the work of detoxification against dangerous substance, that ordinarily harm the body. Folate is believed to act as antioxidant owing to the presence of glutathione and methionine. This helps reduce effect of alcohol in the body.

7. Protect Bone Health

It helps enhance bone density and reduce tendency of developing fractures. So, taking folate along with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D  contributes greatly in the bone health.

8. Immune Building

Building immune system, required adequate feeding, foods that contains important nutrients for bodily nourishment, which folate is one of them. This helps strengthen the T cells that facilitate body’s defense mechanism. When there are deficient, immune system is said to be suppressed, and increase risk of various disease. Incorporating foods loaded with folates or supplement, promote immunity and overall well being.

9. Boost FertilityBoost Fertility 

Adequate intake of foods contributes to proper functions of the body. Food like folate helps facilitate production of sperm cells, especially when combined with zinc- rich diet. Folate intake is said to increase fertilization rate, and accelerate secretion of eggs from the ovaries.

10. Treat anemia

Poor consumption of folate and vitamin B12 have been associated to anemia. In human body, vitamin B12 work together with folate to improve blood formation. While lack of blood in the body predisposes one to anemia. Anemia is characterized with fatigue, weight loss, to name but a few.

Folate is an important vitamin our body required for many bodily functions. Its play a pivotal role before and during pregnancy as it aid blood formation. However, folate is sourced from legumes, fruit, vegetable and fruit.


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