9 Science-based Health Benefits Of Black Pepper

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Black Pepper is scientifically known as “Piper nigrum” and it belongs to the family of Piperaceae.

It is obtained from the dried berries of pepper plant. Black pepper is of various varieties such as White peppercorns, black and green pepper.

Each of these varieties shows how it is being processed and method used, even though they are of same plant.

However,  they are  form by picking the tiny seed, pepper berries unripened and dried, before ground into powder. They are  very flavorful and used to spice up meals.

Furthermore, it is often said that during the fall of ancient Roman, people were welcomed and honored by offering them black pepper especially the Barbarians.

This widely sought after was not only used to scarifies to the Gods but to pay taxes.

The black pepper, king of spices, that has gain popularity over other spice across the word; its native to Southern India, presently Indonesia and European countries have become a major producer of   the health- promoting spice pepper.

Furthermore, the king of spices is highly beneficial to health and filled with important nutrients including chromium, fiber, calcium, iron ,  vitamin K, vitamin A potassium manganese, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, vitamin E , riboflavin thiamine and Niacin.

It is used to cure different ailments owing to its properties like antioxidant as well as antimicrobial properties ( 1) .

Health benefits include; Fight depression, aid digestion, promote weight loss, promote healthy heart, soothes toothache, help treat arthritis, may improve fertility, good for skin and hair.

9 Science-based Health Benefits Of Black Pepper

1. Fight depression

Like it is often says, “you’re what you eat”, incorporating black pepper can impact positively in the brain functions. It may aid in reduction of depression as it influence necessary hormones for mood and depression to offer energy and relaxses the mind. The piperine, a bioactive compound is very helpful for those suffering for depression. Hence, regular addition of black pepper to your daily meal do not only relief depression but also maintains overall health.

2. Aid digestion

In digestion of food, there are important enzymes and compounds required for proper digestion such as hydrochloric acid, found in the stomach of humans. It is believed that black pepper helps in digestion of food by fostering secretion of this acid. It can also reduce intestinal gas production, and maintain gut functions even aid removal of waste products. You benefit from the spice by applying it in your daily routing.

3. Promote weight loss

Application of black pepper to your daily meal may assist enhance weight loss. It speed up metabolic rate that leads to break down of fat at the liver cells, adipose cells and among others, which in turn increase weight loss. Therefore, weight reduction, can be achieved by using  black pepper in cooking.

4. Promote Healthy Heart

Some research has shown a positive result on the use of black pepper concerning heart diseases. As stated previously, it contain an antioxidant, which can help remove fat deposits on the arteries, a key cause of atherosclerosis known as the major factors that accelerate heart attack. Apart from this, it may help low blood pressure and overall well-being of the heart.

5. Soothes Toothache

When you spice up your meal with black pepper, you’re simply minimizing the dominance of bacterial that cause toothache. It  possesses important properties such as antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. They help fight off bacterial growth on the teeth and all the symptoms associated with toothache. Moreover, most people choose to combine this bioactive compounds packed  spice with salt and directly applied on the teeth.

6. Help treat arthritis

Another advantages of this black pepper is the prevention of arthritis, relief of pains linked to arthritis, help promote circulation of blood, decreasing harmful substance in the body and boost bone strength. These benefits can only be obtained when you consumed black pepper adequately.

7. May improve Fertility

Lack of significant nutrients are mostly attributed to infertility. Thanks to the concentration of zinc and other nutrients in black pepper. Zinc is generally known for improving reproductive system, the male sex hormones. It is recommended to be taken regularly.

8. Good for Skin & Hair

It  also maintains the skin and reduce fungal infection. The antioxidant properties in it has greater potent to improve skin health. Mixing it with lemon before directly apply on the hair help protect scalp infection and influence shiny of the hair.

9 Immune boosting 

It is a storehouse of essential nutrients and bioactive compounds which  help  boost immune system. The king of  all  spice, is believed to aid removal of toxins capable of  weakening the immune system. Immune system protects our  against  infectious diseases.


Black Pepper is a healthy spice packed with important nutrients and bioactive compounds which promote overall well-being.  The health benefits include depression,  digestion,  skin care,  weight loss, promote healthy heart,  arthritis etc.

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