5 Proven Health Benefits Of Bay Leaves

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Bay leaves are scientifically known as “laurus nobilis ” It is a member of the Lauracea family.

Bay leaf is not just a spice for flavouring food but, also plays a significant role in herbal medicine.

Bay leaf can be added into meals, when it is dried, grounded or fresh as it enhance the taste of the meal even when there is no sodium.

Bay leaf is originated from tropical region including Asian, European countries among others.

It has an impressive scent and a bitter taste, though it is of different varieties and their taste varies such as the California, bay leaf, west India bay leaf, Indonesia bay leaf, India bay leaf, and Mexican bay leaf.

Bay leaf constitutes numerous natural compounds, that makes it widely used both as a spice and as traditional medicine.

These natural compounds include flavonoid, Eugenol, anthocyanin, alpha- pinene, bate- terpineol.

Therefore, it works as an antioxidant, antiviral, antifungal and Anti-inflammatory properties to mention but a few.

Furthermore, bay leaf is used in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical companies due to there excellent fragrance and chemical compound found in bay leaf.

Bay leaves Health Benefits including;
Combat respiratory disease, help fight inflammation, promote digestion, reduce stress and anxiety, and cancer.

Nutritional Value (100g)
Water 5.44 g
Energy 313 kcal
Energy 1310kJ
Protein 7.61 g
Fat 8.36g
Carbohydrate 75g
Fiber dietary 26.3g
Calcium, Ca 834 mg
Iron, Fe 43 mg
Magnesium, Mg 120 mg
Phosphorus, P 113mg
Potassium, k 529 mg
Sodium, Na 23mg
Zinc, zn 3.7mg
Copper, Cu 0.416mg
Manganese, Mn 8.17 mg
Selenium, Se 2.8 µg
Vitamin C 46.5mg
Thiamin 0.009mg
Riboflavin 0.421mg
Niacin 2mg
Vitamin B-6 1.74 mg
Folate, 180 µg

USDA database

5 Proven Health Benefits, Uses Of Bay Leaves

1. Combat Respiratory disease

Such as bronchitis, asthma to mention but a few, are thought to be treated by bay leaves, when inhaled aid in clearing nasal cavity and airways, reducing or loosen mucus, sinuses and phlegm in order to ease breathing. Bay leaves have antimicrobial properties. Microbes are known to cause infections in human body. Bay leaves if inhaled or message the chest, may foster removal of bacterial growth, thus limiting all symptoms linked to respiratory disorder.

2. Fight inflammation

To inhibit inflammation, a major causes of disorder in human body, bay leaf has been recommended as a natural remedy, even though it is cheap to obtain and there are no side effect if used moderately. It has a natural occurring chemicals, making it possible to fight inflammation, limiting and treating inflammatory disorder include joint pain, swollen and muscle pain and among others.

3. Promote digestion

Bay leaf may be used to get rid of acid reflux, constipation, heartburn, flatulence and other indigestion. Bay leaf stimulate release of digestive juice for proper digestion, absorption. It can also promote bowel movement,
and maintain a healthy gut.

4. Reduce anxiety & Stress

Bay leaves can be helpful in terms of minimization of stress and anxiety when applied successful. They contain favourable properties which may regulate concentration of stress and mood hormones; by so doing help calm the mind and relaxes the body.

5. Prevent Cancer Growth

Bay leaf contains different phytochemicals known to fight off cancer growth and tumor. Studies conducted have shown that it can eliminate cancer, however much more research are required to ascertain it potenc

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