10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile tea has long been used as herb tea, though serve in multiple capacities.

It is produced from the flowers of chamomile plant, and botanically known as “Asteraceae Family”

Chamomile plant is of different varieties, the German and Roman chamomile, but one unique thing is that they possess similar characteristics.

Many people take it as tea while some apply it as ingredient in the aromatherapeutic practice for soothing and enhancing calmness and peace.

Chamomile plants native to Western Asian as well as European countries.

It has organic compounds that are believed to be potent on various health benefits. The components are Flavanoid, antioxidant and sesqucterpenes.

Chamomile plant  health benefits include; combination of menstrual cramps, reduce sleeping disorder, promotion of oral health, reduce anxiety and depression, improve heart health, prevent premature aging, immune booster, Good for the skin, prevent inflammation and pain (1) .

9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea

1. Combat Menstrual Cramp

This normally occur monthly during women’s menstrual period, leaving then in a painful and discomfort state. It also featured with bloating irritability, cramps and among others. Findings have shown that chamomile tea posses antispasmodic properties, making it very active and effective for relieving pains and all symptoms linked to menstrual cramps. Therefore, regular intake of chamomile tea maintain and reduce intestinal cramps cause by menstrual cramps.

2. Help reduce Sleepiness

To enhance healthy sleep, chamomile tea is recommended owing to it sedative properties. Chamomile tea impact positively in the brain and hormones linked to sleepiness. It is a natural remedy unlike conventional medication that often present with side effect. Taking it will promote calmness and help relaxes the nerves so as to improve sleep.

3. Promote Oral Health

When it comes to oral health, chamomile tea can be very helpful. It possesses antibacterial, which aid in eliminating bacteria in the mouth that may cause harm to oral health. Therefore, regular intake of chamomile tea will help promote and prevent not just bacteria but as well enhance healthy teeth, and gum.

4. Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Aside relaxation and calmness of the mind, it help in all rounders. Chamomile tea consumption assist in regulating hormones such serotonin and dopamine which aimed at minimizing symptoms of anxiety and depression. It contains a chemical compound, the apigenin which promote beneficial effect.

5. Help Improve Heart Health

Chamomile tea can play another significant role in the heart since it contains flavanoid. This natural compound is very beneficial to the heart health. Taking it as tea will help boost proper functions of the heart by minimizing build up on the arteries and blood vessels.

6. Prevent Premature Aging

Consuming chamomile tea keeps you away from unnecessary signs of aging and promote youthfulness. Research has shown that oxidative stress contribute to premature aging. It contains antioxidant which help ward off dangerous free radicals that cause harm to the skin.

7. Immune Booster

The help improve immune system owing to it phytochemical properties found in it. The flavanoid and phenolic compound can be helpful in promoting proper functions of the T-cells and as well detoxify the body. The T-cells are known for defence purposes, meaning they fight against harmful foreign bodies which contribute to immune weakness. Intake of it may serve as alternative tea for immunocompromise people.

8. Good For The Skin

Chamomile tea is considered one of those teas that boost skin and reduce effect of ultraviolet rays which damage the skin. You can eliminate acne, dark spot, scars and stretch marks by taking chamomile tea daily. It enhances skin maintenance by facilitating collagen synthesis. The antioxidant present also help minimize free radicals aimed at destroying the skin.

9. Prevent Inflammation and pains

Science believes inflammation may contribute various chronic disease including cancer, heart disease and obesity. Chamomile tea possess Anti-inflammatory properties that assist decrease development of inflammation as well as suppressing pains, swollen among others.

10. Antiseptic and Antibacterial
These properties help reduce formation of bacteria, and virus designed to cause harm to the body. The presence of antioxidant contributes at destroying pathogenic agent.

Chamomile tea is one of the healthiest tea. It possess a lot of essential phytochemicals that such as flavanoid. It cover a wide range of health benefits. People use it to enhance calmness and peace of the mind.

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