9 Surprising Health Benefits & Culinary Uses Of Capsicum(bell pepper)

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Capsicum is widely used all over the world, it is among the species of “capsicum annuum ” also called bell pepper.

The vegetable has different color, such as red, yellow, orange, and green; green when it is unripened.

These color variations, are attributed to the kind of antioxidant found in capsium.

People use capsicum for culinary and medicinal purposes, and has extensively applied in treatment of numerous diseases. Capsium pepper can be used fresh or dried for dishes.

Moreover, capsicum pepper is native to central American but today it has spread across the world.

Nutritional Value
Carb 2% RDA
Dietary fiber 7% RDA
Vitamin A 23% RDA
Vitamin B6 15% RDA
Vitamin C 405% RDA
Iron 6% RDA
Potassium 9% RDA
Magnesium 6% RDA

Capsicum pepper Health Benefits include; serve as source of iron
Skin care, boost immune system, Good for heart health, help prevent cancer, minimize inflammation, weight loss, improve eyesight, hair growth ,

9 Surprising Health Benefits Of Bell pepper

1. Source Of Iron

The body requires iron to produce red blood cells in order to prevent iron deficiency. It is widely known that iron deficiency leads to anemia. Capsium possess iron, and vitamin C present in capsium. Iron is known for formation of red blood cells; vitamin C aid for absorption of iron in the body.
However, incorporating capsium offers chance of getting rid off fatigue, dizziness and all symptoms of anemia.

2. Skin Care

Having appreciable percent of phytochemical, capsicum can control and prevent skin infection such as blemish, dark spot, ringworm to mention but a few. This antioxidant keep the skin healthy as it fight off free radicals known for fostering skin disorder. Wrinkles can also be reduced and prevented by stopping oxidative stress. Consuming fresh capsium gives you full chance of obtaining all these benefits.

3. Improve Your eyesight

Considering the important of eyes in the body, makes it necessary to maintain and prevent age-related eyes disorders. Caroteneoid is found in capsium pepper, a precursor of vitamin A , which can be helpful in eyes maintenance since it prevent muscular degeneration and cataract development (1)

4. Hair Growth

Capsium can help improve the hair and minimize scalp infection by regulating blood flow to the hair follicles. When consumed, the vitamin C and iron assist in formation and absorption of blood into the scalp.

5. Immune boosting

With vitamin C, capsicum can enhance immune system and reduce pathogenic growth in the body by strengthening the what blood cells. With the help of this essential nutrients immune system can effectively defend the body against bacteria, viral infection and among others. Also vitamin k can as well play a crucial role in blood clot, prevent excessive bleeding especially, when there is injury. As an antioxidant agent, it also eliminate toxins accumulation in the body.

6. Good For Heart Health

You can actually lower homocystein if you cook with capsicum pepper. Homocystein has been discovered as a major cause of cardiovascular diseases. Capsium contain folate and vitamin B6 which can helps lower homocystein; the fiber and antioxidant in capsium can also reduce fat deposits on blood vessels. Science has find out that capsium content do much more in dilating blood vessels and minimize fat accumulation on the arteries.

7. Help Prevent Cancer

Cancer is as a result of inflammation of the body. Capsium pepper can be helpful in cancer prevention owing to antioxidant, means cancer causing agent can be effectively eliminated. So, regular consumption of capsium pepper may reduce development of cancer.

8. Minimize inflammation

Capsium can serve as Anti-inflammatory, helping prevent inflammation. Inflammation is characterized with so many disorder such as joint pain, swollen, among others.

9. Weight loss

Consumption of capsium can increase metabolic rate, thus promoting decrease of the fat deposits on body. As the metabolic rate increase the triglycerides is being reduced, hence leads to weight loss.

Capsicum is considered as one of the healthiest pepper as it contains a lot of beneficial nutrient know for improvement of bodily functions. It covers numerous health benefits such as prevention of cancer, hair growth, boosting of immune system, maintenance of eyesight and reduction of inflammation. Capsium is used for culinary and medicinal purposes. It different colors are associated to the presence of antioxidant found in it.

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