Science-based Health Benefits Of Palm win


Science-based Health Benefits Of Palm win

Numerous ceremonies such as traditional marriage, birthday party, village meetings in Igboland are well celebrated and memorable when liters of palm win are served.

Palm win is a sweet traditional drink, extracted from either raffia palm (Raphia hookeri) or palm oil (Elaeis guineensis).

It is believed to have been originated from Africa, especially Nigeria where it is consumed largely.

Palm wine is fresh when tapped or extracted from palm tree but get fermented within 48 hours; turns to sour test and alcoholic beverage.

The whitish drink is considered healthy when it has not pass through fermentation. Taking it moderately immediately after extraction is recommended to avoid abnormalities.

Nutrition profile 

Thiamin, protein, riboflavin, vitamin B6 carbohydrate, Vitamin C, yeast, potassium zinc, magnesium, iron and B6, bioactive compounds.

1. Bone health

In human body, magnesium and calcium are vital for strong and maintenance of bone.

Studies indicate that palm wine contain promise amount of calcium and magnesium that help promote bone building.

Moderate consumption of palm win is recommended in order to reduce side effects

2. Source of Energy 

One of main source of palm win is energy production. This allows us to carry out daily activities.

A cup of it offers reasonable amounts of calories to the body.

3. Promote lactation 

Traditionally, nursing mother often take palm win to boost their milk production.

Just be sure you consume fresh palm wine that has not been fermented or mixed with water.

4. Reduce risk of heart failure 

It is believed that palm wine contain some amount of antioxidant which can help reduce blood pressure.

Therefore, consumed responsibly as overconsumption can rapidly cause health issues.

5. Boost immune system 

Thi sweet drink is loaded with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates that are responsible for immune building.

Example of nutrients include, calcium magnesium, Amino acids, Antioxidants (phenolic compounds)

Mind you, too much intake of palm win may lead to health problems.

6. Aid in digestion

Science has revealed that Palm win can easily enhance effective functions of probiotics bacteria which help optimize gastrointestinal track, meaning issues related to indigestion will be prevented.

7. Prevent skin disorder 

Due to the presence of antioxidant and protein in palm oil, our body can minimise symptoms linked to skin disorder.

Lack of protein is associated with poor skin growth, hence take little amount to obtain substantial amount of protein.

8. May inhibite cancerous growth 

Cancer is a life-threatening disease that come with various symptoms and depletion of nutrients content.

The presence of antioxidant helps reduce inflammation and cancerous growth.

9. Prevent Anemia 

Deficiency of protein, vitamin C predisposes one to symptoms such as weakness, palpation, fatigue among others.

Importantly, it has protein that help reduce symptoms related to anemia.

10. Boost libido 

People often take palm win to boost their sexual drive. It contains notable nutrients like antioxidant, and protein.

Antioxidant is considered potent in eliminating obstruction in the arteries leading to the penis.

Interestingly, take a cup of palm win help foster sufficient flow of blood


Palm win is a natural beverage best when tapped within 12 hours, meaning when it has not be fermented.

It possesses different kinds of health benefits including energy production, source of protein, aid Digestion, boost immune system.

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