20 Benefits Of Essential oil & Uses

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Thousands of years ago, essential oils have been heavily revered and considered supreme to be used for their medicinal and aromatic benefits.

Essential oil (EO) is derived from plants through extensive distillation. Once these aromatic chemicals are produced, they are often mixed with a carrier oil making them healthy for consumption.

They are characterized with plants scent and flavor, that’s linked to the natural compounds found in them.

Similarly, they are active role in treatment and prevention of various diseases including; cardiovascular diseases, respiratory disease,  and  are attributed to the presence of natural compounds in them.

However,  a lot of research is ongoing on the medicinal prowess of essential oil as some of the health claims associated with the oils are unclear.

This article will explore 20 Benefits Of essential oil & Uses

1. Anti Cancer

People use essential oil to treat and prevent cancer development owing to the presence of antioxidant in, dill, Bergamot, cypress, clove and citrus oil.

2. Improve Digestive system

Essential oil can contributes greatly in reducing symptoms associated with stomach upset,  bloating and among others. You can opt for ginger,  tarragon, peppermint,  clove and marjoram essential oil.

3. Depression

You can treat depression by applying Bergamot, Ylang – Yland,  chamomile, lavender,  and cardamom essential oil. Research has proven their potent in relaxing and relieve of anxiety.

4. May Prevent Arthritis

Turmeric oil, honeysuckle oil, patchouli, dill, cypress essential oil to name a few possess anti-inflammatory properties which enable our body prevent inflammation. Inflammation is a leading causes of arthritis, and joint pain. Massaging your body with these oil help keeps arthritis at bay.

5. May Combat Respiratory Diseases

When dealing with bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, and sinusitis opt for essential oil as they help expel phlegm from the body which cause infection. Turmeric, oregano, lavender,bay essential oil, and peppermint are powerful in treating respiratory problems.

6. Mental Health

Some essential oil plays a pivotal role in body as they help enhance mental alertness. They aid relaxation of the nerves which scrap out stress from your body. These essential oil include Rosemary, sandalwood, Basil to mention but a few.

7. Enhance Circulation

Research suggested that essential oil can help enhance effective circulation of blood round the body. Traditionally,  people message essential oil to treat improve proper circulation of blood. These oil include cypress, ginger,  patchouli and eucalyptus essential oil.

8. Stimulant Hormones Secretion

Hormone is essential and contributes profoundly in numerous functions of the body. It’s deficiency triggers a lot of health challenges. Thanks to certain essential oil observed to improve secretion of hormones in your body. These essential oil are anise, lemongrass,  lemon,  geranium and Basil essential oil.

9. Blood Pressure

You can as well regulate blood pressure by messaging essential oil. A study conducted have shown that some essential oil can effectively reduce blood pressure. These include lavender, ylang-ylang,  frankincense oil. Although, more research are required to ascertain the efficacy of this claim.

10. Stretch Marks

Essential oil like patchouli, lavender, sage oil and Tea tree oil are primarily known for treatment of stretch marks and other skin disorder. They are believed to possesses healing properties (1) .

11. Hair Maintenance

Essential Oil like peppermint, lavender, Rosemary,  thyme, ceder wood oil, are very supportive when it comes to prevention of hair loss and growth. Just message them on the scalp to reap all these benefits. Essential oil and Uses,  they also serve as spice.

12. May Treat Teeth problems

Essential oils are packed with properties that can inhibit growth of bacteria in your teeth. Tea tree oil, turmeric oil,  lavender, oregano oil are significant in optimizing your teeth.

13. Detoxify

To get ride of toxic substance in our body, it is important you apply some certain essential oil such as tea tree, lemongrass, tarragon, bergamot and lemon. Whether you inhale or apply topically the help detoxify your body.

14. PMS

In order to combat menstrual problems, essential oil can be quite supportive as they possess properties that can regulate menstruation. They aid reduction of PMS by relaxing muscles, fighting anxiety and maintaining mood. These essential oil are lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, ylang ylang, oregano, mugwort and many others.

15. Heart Diseases

Another benefits you stand to obtain when you apply essential oil, is heart maintenance. Some of these essential oil specifically, frankincense oil, ginger, turmeric oil etc, contain antiinflammatory properties that help fight numerous heart problems.

16. Weight loss

Those who are trying to loss weight can as well add some essential oil in their plans. This is because they foster break down of fat in healthy manner, even optimize your blood glucose levels. These essential oil include grapefruit, cinnamon, ginger and lemongrass.

17. Relieve Stress And Anxiety

There is no doubt that use of essential oil is very advantageous. It enable our body send a calming signal to the brain which in turn accelerate your mood significantly. Among essential oil you should add to relieve stress and anxiety include frankincense, ylang-ylang, Bergamot, and cypress.

18. Scent

Many people make use of essential oil because they have healthy aroma. Apart from this function it helps in medicinal purposes.

19. Pain Relieve

Numerous bioactive compounds found in them make more powerful in preventing symptoms related to pains. Don’t forget to add essential oil on the affected areas.

20. Massage

In the herbal homes, essential oils are used to enhance relaxation of the nerves and muscles. They effectiveness in relaxation of nerves are due to the presence of relaxing properties in them. As mentioned earlier, these oil are mix with carrier oil, massage to avoid adverse effect.


Essential oils  are helpful in treating numerous diseases.

Essential oil and Uses,  it also serve as ingredients in meal preparation.

However, always consult a physician prior use, avoid self medication.


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