7 Itsekiri traditional food & Health Benefits

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Itsekiri is found in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. It is a traditional food made from locally sourced ingredients.

Many of the Itsekiri people are farmers, and this reflects their culinary tradition. Their meals are nutritious and offer substantial amount of nutrients and phytochemical.

Though they have diverse cultural heritage that is very unique, and brings them together during annual festival.

This article will explore 7 Itsekiri traditional food & Health Benefits

1. Fish

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Itsekiri people are commonly known for fish farming and this form their major ingredient in preparing local delicacy. Some of the fish commonly eaten in Itsekiri towns include; catfish, tilapia, and mackerel. Spices and vegetables are used to season their food.

Nutritional Fact of Itsekiri
Dietary fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins, protein, selenium, vitamin B3, copper, zinc, iron

2. Fermented cassava
This is a staple food in Itsekiri cuisine. It is eaten with different soup or sauce of their choice. The cassava is processed into a thick, sticky consistency before serving.

3.Oghwo amiedi or banga soup


Banga soup Is a popular traditional dish made from palm fruit extract with other ingredients such as vegetable, pepper, fish, meat, and spices. Banga soup Is served, alongside pounded yam or Garri.
Nutritional Fact of Banga soup
Complex carbohydrates, protein, fat soluble vitamins, riboflavin, thiamin, selenium, copper, dietary fiber, iron, calcium, Phosphorus.

4. Pepper soup

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It’s a special traditional cuisine that is mostly prepared for guests during wedding, festival, birthday party in Itsekiri clan. It is easy to cook just add meat like goat meat, chicken, fish with spices. Spices help improve its aroma and nutritional value.
Nutritional Fact of pepper soup
Protein, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin k, vitamin B3, vitamin B12, selenium, zinc, copper, fiber, iron, calcium.

5. Owho Soup
Owho soup is a popular staple food in Itsekiri homes. You can enjoy it with Garri, or pounded yam. Ingredients involves in preparing owho Soup are vegetables, fish, spices, and oil
Nutritional Fact of owho Soup
Complex carbohydrates, protein, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, vitamin B6, flavonoid, thiamin, riboflavin,

6. Plantain

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Itsekiri people have a special way of preparing plantain and it is used in Itsekiri cuisine. Whether you roast, boiled or fry, it is served with sauce which makes plantain more appetising and nutritious.

Nutritional Fact of plantain and sauce
Carb, protein, dietary fiber, fat, bioactive compounds, iron, thiamin, riboflavin.

7. Okra soup


Okra soup is highly celebrated in Itsekiri clan, as they use different varieties of seafood in cooking it; which makes it totally healthy and offers numerous benefits in the body.
Ingredients use in cooking it includes meat, fish, periwinkle, pepper, oil, vegetables, and local spices. Okra soup is served with fufu, or Garri
Nutritional Fact of Okra soup
Dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, vitamin E, Beta-carotenoid, folate, capsaicin, magnesium, calcium, Phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper.

Itsekiri traditional food & Health Benefits

Maintains Eye Health: deficiency of vitamin A is associated with poor eye sight whereas adequate serum levels of vitamin A keeps your eyesight healthy.

Improve immune system: eaten a healthy diet enables your body fight against pathogens that cause dangerous disease in the body. Itsekiri traditional food contains essential nutrients responsible for immunity.

Source of Energy: energy is obtained when you eat adequately. It is consumed with either Garri pounded yam or fufu. These are good sources of energy.

May regulate blood pressure: They might be helpful in moderating blood pressure since they contain magnesium, potassium, vitamin E, vitamin C, which contributes greatly in optimizing blood pressure.

Prevent Anemia: this occurs as a result of iron Deficiency. Itsekiri traditional food is loaded with protein, selenium, vitamin C, vitaminB12, and iron which helps improve your blood serum levels.

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Itsekiri traditional food is made of fresh fish, as well other local ingredients which reflects their cultural heritage.

They are good sources of nutrients, and natural compounds, such as fat soluble vitamins, protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber etc.

7 Itsekiri traditional food & Health Benefits include; okra soup, plantain, owho Soup, and fish

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