10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Peppermint Oil

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Pure Peppermint essential oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the peppermint plant (mentha Piperita).

It belongs to the mint family. It is an aromatic plant, form by combining watermint and spearmint.

Pure Peppermint essential oil is believed to have originated in Europe, but presently, it has moved across many countries of the world especially, China, Japan and Northern American, for medicinal and culinary purposes.

The main chemical components of peppermint essential oil is menthone and menthol.

It possess cooling effect and pleasant fragrance when applied either topically or in food.

However, this evergreen tree, owing to it fragrance properties has found a major ingredients to food, cosmetics and oral care products such as mouthwash, toothpaste to mention but a few, with different medicinal purposes and treatment of, nausea, stomach disorder, skin care,even common cold.

Other components of  Pure peppermint essential oil are menthol, Beta – Caryophyllene, menthone,menthyl acetate, Cineole , limonene (1) .

Health Benefit of peppermint includes essential oil; maintain healthy digestive system, combat sore throat, promote healthy teeth, enhance blood circulation, relief stress and depression, treat urinary track infection, combat headache, contain antispasmodic properties and Good for the skin.

10 Health Benefits Of  Pure Peppermint

1. Maintain Healthy Digestive system

To treat and maintain a healthy digestion, natural products has often be recommended. Peppermint oil possess an excellent carminative properties which decrease accumulation of gas on intestine track. Apart from these, it help eliminate dangerous abdominal gas in the body. It can also optimized proper functions of the gastrointestinal track.
Peppermint oil when use may help enhance muscles relaxation as well as treating constipation.

2. Combat sore throat

One of the amazing benefit of peppermint oil, is it effect on relieving depression as well as muscles relaxant when used. Peppermint oil can serve as home remedy for combating sore muscles and reducing muscles pain. Adding few drops on a bath water, or can be rub on the body immediately after a hot showers, may aid in eliminating all symptoms associated to sore throat . It possess an excellent calming properties, meaning it relaxes the mind and nerves cells.

3. Promote Healthy Teeth

Peppermint oil is very useful in terms of teeth treatment, it helps cure teeth and gum problems. Owing to it antibacterial, antiseptic and Anti-inflammatory properties meaning it can effectively ward off bacteria infection and maintain oral health. Peppermint oil is one of the Ingredients use in making toothpaste.

4. Enhance Blood Circulation

To promote blood circulation, peppermint oil topical application has a great promising effect on the body since it act as a stimulant. Proper circulation of blood meaning that oxygen and nutrients get to the body thus improve general well-being. According to recent research, that when peppermint oil is applied on a olfactory nerves can increase the pulse rate showing circulation of blood.

5. Relief Stress & Depression

Applying peppermint oil in a diffuser assist clear and calm the mind. This is because of it relaxation properties . It alter activities of the brain positively, thus relaxes stress and depression.

6. Relieves Inflammation

Peppermint oil has long be use as a herb medicine for the therapist. Inflammation, is characterized with joint pain, swollen and stiffness. Peppermint oil possess a calming and healing properties which can sooth the joint. Messaging the body with the peppermint oil may help reduce the pain, linked to inflammation.

7. Treat Urinary Track Infection

Peppermint oil can be helpful in this condition as it contains antibacterial properties. Regular uses of it may effectively eliminate invasion and boost urinary performance.

8. Combat Headache

To treat headache, mix with a carrier oil and rub directly on the head. It is considered as an alternative home remedy for treatment of headache and migraine. Moreover, it’s anti-inflammatory properties can also play a crucial role for combating headache. Studies conducted on peppermint oil have shown that it can combat headache after some minutes of use.

9. Contain antispasmodic properties

You can keep muscle cramps and muscle pains at bay, only by messaging the body with peppermint oil. Peppermint oil can as well help cure menstrual pain, and headache.

10. Good For The Skin

Peppermint oil can also promote and minimize appearance of eczema, acne, as well as wrinkles. It has a refreshing effect, even though may help fight off bacteria growth on the skin. It has been reported that bacterial are among the causes of inflammation.

Pure Peppermint oil is highly medicinal and cures several ailments. Adding it into a hot water is often recommended so as to harness it’s benefit.

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