10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Yarrow Pure Essential Oil

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Yarrow Pure essential Oil is known scientifically as “Achilles Millefolium”, and obtained from the dried plant of yarrow tree.

Yarrow essential oil is cultivated in different part of the world including, Europe, Asian, Northern American and among others. This flowering herbaceous plant, with amazing scent is widely used as herbal medicinal for treatment of disease including, Anti-inflammatory and digestive disorder.

Yarrow essential oil contains useful components know for there contributions for combating numerous ailments. The components are, Beta-pinene, Borneol, Borneol acetate, cineole, tricyclene , Sabinene, chamazulene, camphene, camphor,gamma terpinene,alpha-pinene, limonene  (1) .

Health benefit of Yarrow pure essential oil
Anti rheumatoid, relieves spasm, Hemostatic properties, treat inflammatory disease, Hypotensive properties, Contains febrifuge properties, Tranquilizing, Cicatrizing properties, improve digestive system,and Help treat Wound.

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Yarrow Essential Oil

1. Anti- Rheumatoid

Yarrow essential oil, has a potent to treat and prevent arthritis and rheumatoid symptoms in human body. It is characterized with inflammation, swelling, redness, joint pain, and stiffness. Inflammation could be as a result of dead cells and uric acid, as well as accumulation of fluid on the affected area. Yarrow essential oil, when applied can effectively stimulate circulation of blood round the body even to the affected area. By so doing, minimizing the appearance of rheumatic symptoms. Mixing it with a carrier oil, message the affected joint.

2. Relieves Spasm

This occurs when there is abnormal contraction and relaxation of the muscles. It is normally triggered if you engage in physical activities with insufficient stretching of the leg, electrolyte imbalance and dehydration, and among others. However, yarrow oil has be found to be very effective as it assist in easing the contraction and enhancing calmness of the nerves cells. Moreover, yarrow oil, is considered best for natural remedy because of it antispasmodic properties.

3. Hemostatic properties

Yarrow essential oil can be use to stop bleeding, a major causes of death worldwide. Bleeding exposes the individual into many health challenges. Yarrow essential oil can have a significant effect on the body as it helps reduce hemorrhagic effect.

4. Treat Inflammatory Disease

Yarrow essential oil has well known for treating and prevention of inflammation in the body. Though it can occurs in any part or on the system of the body, like respiratory system, digestive system, to mention a few. Using yarrow oil is very advantageous since it relief pain and symptoms on the body.

5. Hypotensive Properties

Yarrow essential oil can be use in a person with hypertension, since it has potent to reduce and maintain normal pressure. Applying it moderately helps minimize it further complications in human body, thus prevent heart attack.

6. Contain Febrifuge properties

It is well establish fact that every symptoms of health disorder, there is an underlying causes of it. Yarrow essential oil can effectively promote perspiration, that can offers the the body an optimized temperature, while eliminating factors that cause the infection.

7. Tranquilizing

Yarrow essential oil can work in various ways, helps calm and relaxes the nerves, brain and muscle cells. Yarrow essential oil can also be use in treating insomnia and anxiety, due to it calming properties. Dropping yarrow essential oil on your pillows before sleeping will assist and improve your sleep.

8. Cicatrizing properties

Yarrow oil is very advantageous when applied, it is very effective in cleaning up the skin from scars, dark spot and marks. Many have being using it for decades on their moisturizer and result is very impressive.

9. Improve Digestive System

Yarrow essential oil can be very helpful in digestion of food. It may aid in secretion of significant digestive enzymes needed for proper digestion and absorption, as well as reducing all digestive disorder symptoms like chest pain, stomach aches, gas accumulation and indigestion.

10. Help Treat wound

Yarrow essential oil can be use to treat and enhance wound healing process, detoxifier, and reduce growth of bacteria on the bruises, wound, and cut. This is associated to the presence of antiseptic properties attack to yarrow essential oil. Taking a few drops with other essential oil will speedily facilitate healing process.

Yarrow Pure essential oil possess numerous medicinal benefit when applied to the body. Some people are allergy to it, therefore, it is more safer if mixed with carrier oil prior using.

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