9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Neroli Essential Oil

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Neroli oil(Citrus Aurantium) is derived from flowers of Neroli that grows on bitter orange tree.

Due to it capacity for physical and mental health, it’s extensively used for preparing herbal medicine.

However, not only is Neroli essential oil used in aromatherapy, it is an integral part of cosmetics ingredients like perfume.

Whether the person is suffering from inflammation, skin disorder, depression and stress, neroli oil has the capacity to heal and maintain a healthy state.

Its constituents E-farnesol, α-terpineol, Liniment, Linalyl acetate, and Linalool. These constituents are said to be responsible for combating several health issues.

Neroli essential oil health benefits includes treat pains and arthritis, treat headache, prevent bacteria and microbial growth, reduce stress and anxiety, can maintain blood pressure, aid digestion, serve as deodorant, good for skin, and keep your body warm.

9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Neroli Essential Oil

1. Treat pains and arthritis

If you’re experiencing pains on your body, joint pain, stiffness, swollen joint, and muscular pains them opt for neroli essential oil, since it has anti inflammatory properties. Neroli oil when applied onto the body or inhaled helps relieves inflammation and all symptoms associated with arthritis. Dropping 2-3 of neroli oil into bathing water, is recommended body.

2. Treat headache

Headache is a common health issues that can often come as a result of stress or other health complications. Neroli oil can be of great help if inhaled some drops of it. It treat both the headache and migraine headache, even though there is no adverse effect.

3. Prevent Bacteria and microbial growth
Neroli oil can help protect and prevent growth of bacteria, just by few drops of neroli oil on the affected area. Apart from healing of wounds and inhibiting growth of bacteria, it also enhance rejuvenation of skin cells as well.

4. Stress and anxiety

Using natural remedies to treat stress and anxiety have always being a good idea since Neroli oil do not contain chemical addictive. However, application of Neroli oil is an excellent choice because of the presence of anti anxiety properties found in it. When inhaled transmit message into the brain thereby providing calmness and overall well-being of the body.

5. Maintains Blood Pressure

Blood pressure regulations is very vital especially, those with history of high blood pressure as it can predisposes them to further complications, if left unchecked. You can add neroli oil as one of your control measures only by inhaling it or 1-2 drops of neroli. According to expert, use of neroli oil may reduce high blood pressure, but it is advised you consult your doctor, avoid self medication.

6. Aid digestion

There are lot of benefits you’ll get by inhaling Neroli oil, though it’s still surprising how Neroli oil aid digestion. Research have shown that it contain aroma with strong properties if inhaled can stimulate digestion, more research are required in this regard.

7. Serve as deodorant

Body odor is mostly occur due to growth of bacteria in the body.
As previously mentioned, Neroli oil is filled with antibacterial properties, which helps kill the bacteria, germ’s as wall as maintenance of healthy odour. Neroli oil can be applied externally.

8. Good for the skin

Promotion of healthy skin, is the function of Neroli essential oil. This is achieved by minimizing skin infections since it possess antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which are known for elimination of viruses, and bacteria, that are risk factors of skin infection. Apart from these, it foster rejuvenation of dead tissues and cells of the skin. Mixing with a carrier oil prior to application has always offers a promising effect.

9. Keep your body Warm

Neroli essential oil is a good choice of natural remedy if you are having cold. It contributes greatly for treatment of fever, and stuff nose. Neroli essential oil when successfully used increase metabolic rate, thus leads to a warm and normal homeostasis condition.

Nerol essential oil is a products of leaf and stem that is important in herbal medicine due to, it innumerable health benefits. Inhaling or direct applications earn you these benefits. However, it is effective and good when incorporated moderately. If you are a pregnant woman or nursing mother, do not apply Neroli oil. In addition, diluting Neroli oil into a carrier oil helps reduce some side effect.

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