Pure Sesame Oil, Benefits & Pains

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Pure sesame Oil is scientifically know as Sesamum Indicum, is extracted from seed of sesame via steam distillation. It originated from African and spread to India.

Sesame oil is considered as a medicinal oil that offers a lot of health benefits.

However, this yellowish brown oil is well-known for antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, which promote health (1) .

Beside, sesame oil is extensively use as ingredients for cooking and in the cosmetics, perfumery and soap making.

Furthermore, sesame oil is loaded with different vitamin, minerals as well as chemical compound very potent in combating numerous disease including, wound healing, skin care, digestive disorder and prevention of cancer, reducing blood pressure.

Pure Sesame oil health benefit include; wound treatment, bone maintenance, anti aging, dental care relieves constipation, may low blood pressure, can treat rheumatoid arthritis pain, may prevent diabetics and rich source of copper and zinc.

9. Health Benefits Of  Pure Sesame Oil

1. Rich Source Of Copper & Zinc

Owing to the presence of copper,vitamin B complex and Zinc, which functions as cofactors and coenzymes, help promote metabolism in the body. Science says that copper is required in red blood cells production, thus enhancing flow of blood circulation. In addition, the vitamin B complex can as well help you top up so that the body can get right amount of blood circulation.

2. Wound Treatment

Sesame oil is considered very effective for wound treatment owing to it properties. The antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory properties is believed to be of great importance in wound healing as they eliminate bacteria growth, produced a detoxifying effect, and enhance skin cells rejuvenation. Applying sesame oil meaning given a new breath the skin cells as it heal without scars,and reduction of fungal infection appearance on the skin.

3. Bone maintenance

According to research on sesame oil, that sesame oil is very effective in bone development, since it possess notable nutrients including zinc, calcium and copper, a key minerals for strong bone development. However, nutritionists always recommend intake of calcium for bone building. While the copper and zinc also assist in promoting and enhancing bone formation. Moreover, osteoporosis is developed due to calcium deficiency in the body; so adding sesame oil in your meal keep you away from age- related weak bone effect.

4. Anti- aging

Sesame oil effect on the skin is very amazing as it delay skin aging process. It has a chemical compound, antioxidant which can inhibit skin oxidative damage produced by free radicals. Owing to these properties, appearance of wrinkles, dark spot are eliminated, even speeding up skin rejuvenation and treat aging related skin disease. Hence, mixing it with other essential oil like lavender oil offers you a smooth skin.

5. Dental Care

It is widely believed that the major causes of dental disorders are the presence of bacteria growth on the teeth. Expert often advise the use of natural remedy for the treatment, as there are no side effect when moderately used. Sesame oil can make you smile again, when incorporated regularly. Sesame oil has antibacterial properties which aides scrapping out bacteria growth and minimizing the effect, as well as providing a healthy dental health.

6. Relieves Constipation

Another importance of sesame oil is easing of constipation. A spoonful of sesame oil may be helpful, since it aides bowel movement and improves excretory system.

7. May Low Blood Pressure

Sesame oil has the capacity to lower blood pressure, when used. Series of research have have proven that sesame oil can effectively lower blood pressure. Even though there are supporting research for this claim, yet much more research is still needed on sesame oil. Therefore, we advise you consult a physician if you are already on medications.

8. Teat Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Regular use of sesame oil may help combat arthritis pain. Calcium and copper are considered very advantageous in this regard. Calcium is know for bone building capacity, while copper can be very efficient in delaying swelling and pains linked to arthritis symptoms.

9. May Prevent Diabetics

Sesame oil can also helps in treating diabetics following it properties.
Studies conducted have shown that sesame oil may promote the effectiveness of glibenclamide and antidiabetic drug in type 2 patients. Hence, applying sesame oil on your regime may assist low blood glucose levels.

Pure Sesame oil is highly beneficial in terms of preventing and treating of various disease, but a moderate intake is recommended. If you are taking medication seek professional advice prior to use.

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