Pure Moriga Oil, Benefits & Uses

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Pure Moringa oil is extracted from the moringa seed through steam distillation.

It belongs to the family of “Moringaceae”and  botanically known as moringa oleifera, and commonly called drumsticks tree.

Moringa is originated from North Africa and has gained  popularity due to it relevance in treatment of various diseases including, joint pain, stomach pain, dry skin, eczema to name a few.

Pure Moringa oil is rich in monounsaturate, alpha tocopherol, sterol, saturated fat, oleic acid, protein – amino acids.

Pure Moringa oil health benefits include;
Reduce dry skin, wound healing, Boost immunity, combat stomach disorder, Anti-inflammatory properties, hair care, promote sleep (1) ,

7 Health Benefits Of  Pure Moringa Oil

1. Reduce Dry Skin

Moringa oil is highly beneficial on the body as it helps moisturise the skin, reduces inflammation, and gives you a very glossy skin. Moringa oil is applied not just to lubricate the skin but to inhibit pathogenic bacteria development.

2. Wound healing

Moringa oil is very helpful in wound healing as it enhance blood flow to the area as well as eliminating microbial growth. Therefore, application of moringa oil topically keep you away from fungal infection and promote rejuvenation of skin cells.

3. Boost Immunity

Moringa oil possesses essential fatty acids, vitamin C and vitamin E. These vitamins act as antioxidant which helps remove free radicals, and prevent inflammation. Vitamin C is well-known for boosting immune system and absorption of blood.

4. Combat Stomach Disorder

Moringa is use to treat stomach ulcer and pain. It helps sooth inflammation in the gut and keep eliminate harmful bacterial such as helicobacter pylori.
They also maintain digestive system thus reducing acidity in stomach.

5. Anti-inflammatory Properties

You can minimize joint pain, muscles pains, headache and arthritis with the use of moringa oil. It has been revealed that all these disorder result due to inflammation, hence moringa prevent swelling and other symptoms associated with inflammation.

6. Hair Care

Moringa oil helps facilitate hair growth, and prevent against hair loss. Moreover, use of moringa oil assist in scrapping out dandruff, and increase moisturizerisation of the hair. Being a rich source of fatty acids, it improve the scalp and reduce infections.

7. Promote Sleep

Moringa oil may be useful in terms of sleeping due to it soothing properties. It helps relax the muscles, nerves and calm the mind. Many people place it on their pillow while going to bed though some applies it topically. So, if you’re suffering from sleeplessness, opt for moringa oil.

Despite, being beneficial to human, it must be use in moderation, to avoid side effect including skin irritation, cardiovascular problems, stomach disorder. Always consult a dietitians or doctor, avoid self medication.

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