9 Impressive Benefits Of Pure Bay Essential Oil

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Pure Bay essential Oil is also known as “laurus nobilis” it is extracted from the leaves of bay plant via steam distillation, for treatment of different disease such as respiratory system, asthma, arthritis and indigestion.

The bay oil is native to India, predominantly cultivated in Caribbean island and today, it is has moved to other part of the world like, Morocco.

Moreover, bay leaf is highly revered by the ancient Roman and Greece owing to it potency in medicinal and religious practice. Bay oil possess antifungal, and antimicrobial properties, meaning bay oil can serve an fumigant, insecticide, and repellent (1) .

Apart from, using in the health care sector, bay oil is currently use in production of cosmetics products, applied in the aromatherapy, probably because of it excellent aroma. The bay essential oil is comprises of alpha pinene, geranyl acetate, Eugenol, limonene, alpha-terpineol and mycene.

Pure Bay essential Oil  benefits include;
Improve appetite,wound healing, Enhance Metabolism, inhibit bacteria, menstrual flow, relief pain, Astringent properties, stimulate digestion, eliminate waste products,

Impressive Health Benefits Of  Pure Bay Essential Oil

1. Improve appetite

This appears when one’s love to eat decreases, as a result of certain disease and psychological issue. A prolonged decrease in feeding has been identified as main causes of malnutrition in humans. The health professionals, the nutritionists regularly advised adequate feeding so as to promote overall well-being. Bay essential oil, not only top up the nutritional level, but also improve appetite, meaning you can now feed adequately in order to obtain all the necessary nutrients required for proper functioning of the body.

2. Enhance Wounds Healing

Wounds when Left open or untreated
always attract flies, which can negatively infect the body and leads to complications such as tetantus. Bay essential oil, has antimicrobial and antifungal properties, these properties are known for inhibiting growth of bacteria, there by promoting wound healing and minimize complications. Using bay oil to treat wound, may be a best alternative since it can foster rejuvenation of skin cells, thus reducing scar formation.

3. Enhance Metabolism

Application of bay essential oil, may play a very crucial role in maintaining proper functioning of the body, as it enhance metabolic activities and system. Metabolism is the breaking down and building up of tissues mainly to promote healthy life style. It stimulate release of hormones and enzymes, which help speed up biochemical reactions, enhance effective excretion of waste products, also optimized nervous system aid at maintaining stimulation.

4. Decrease Growth Of Bacteria

The use of bay essential oil as a natural remedy for treatment of growth of bacteria and it replication have shown a promising effect. By essential oil has antimicrobial properties, meaning it can effectively protect and eliminate growth and replication of bacteria in the body. Moderate use of bay essential oil is recommended since there no side effect, as it is when using antibiotics.

5. Promote Regular menstrual Flow

Bay essential oil  may be helpful for controlling regular flow of menstruation and maintain contraction of the muscle. It is believed that bay essential oil when applied may regulate hormones, maintains and moderate muscle contraction and relaxation of the uterus in order to shed out dead tissues or cells.

6. Relief pain

You can treat headache, migraine, muscle pain, joint pain, even pains caused by respiratory disorder by the use of bay essential oil. Bay essential oil has analgesic properties,very excellent for pain reduction and with out no toxicity or side effect. Beside pain reduction, the anti inflammatory properties in it helps prevent and reduce symptoms of inflammation. Hence, opting for bay essential oil for pains helps maintain calmness.

7. Contain Astringent Properties

Bay essential oil can be helpful at treating skin inflammation, the acne. The presence of astringent properties, contribute amazingly in inhibiting acne and too much secretion of sebum thus reduce pores on the skin as well as minimize inflammation.

8. Stimulate digestion

Bay essential oil may help stimulate secretion of bile and enzymes for proper digestion. Bile is needed to activate the ingested fat so as to ensure proper digestion and absorption. The use of bay essential oil promote healthy stomach functions and decrease discomfort.

9. Eliminate Waste Products

Waste products, if accumulated in the body leads to many health challenges. Use of bay oil allow your body to remove waste materials that are there to cause harm to the body.

Bay essential oil is obtained from leaves of bay plants through steam distillation. In the aromatherapy, it is highly reversed and in the cosmetics industries. However, it health benefits include, wound healing, menstrual flow etc.

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