100% Patchuoli Essential Oil, Benefits & Skin Care

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100% Patchuoli essential oil is derived from the leaf of patchouli plant, with a surprising benefit.

It belongs to the family of mint, and botanically called pogostemon patchouli .

The insects repellent, as it is commonly known also, is extensively grown and harvested in Asian countries, but presently patchouli essential oil has got a breathing space in many part of the world as a result of it’s prominence in the body.

Apart from therapeutic purposes it can serve in different capacities as a flavouring agent in food processing company (1) .

Components of patchouli essential oil, beta-Caryophylene, Aciphyllene, Seychelles, patchouli.

Patchouli essential oil include; Good for skin, serve as deodorant, combat sexual problem, diuretic properties, reduce depression, enhance wound healing, improve digestion, eliminate fungal infection, slow cancer growth, help reduce inflammation.

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of 100% Patchouli Essential Oil

1. Help Reduce Inflammation

100% Patchouli essential oil play a vital role in reducing and combating inflammation, since it possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is characterized with swollen, joint pain, itching and arthritis. Patchouli essential oil when applied topically aid relief of symptoms associated with inflammation, leaving the body with an improved skin.

2. Slow Cancer Growth

patchouli essential oil is very helpful in slowing the growth of cancer cells, since it possess patchouli alcohol. Therefore, application of patchouli essential oil assist in inhibiting growth of cancerous cells in the body.

3. Eliminate Fungal Infection

Patchouli essential oil promotes effective elimination of fungal growth, hence keeping the body in a healthy state. Topical application of patchouli essential oil can effectively clean the body against fungal infection as well as preventing it from damage.

4. Improve Digestion

Patchouli essential oil may help stimulate the release of digestive enzymes, known for breaking down of food. Apart from this role, patchouli essential oil also facilitate absorption and elimination of excretory products, and improve overall well-being.

5. Good For Skin Care

Is your skin condition given you concern? Are you looking for the best oil for your skin health? thanks to patchouli essential oil. It is very excellent when it comes to treatment and moisturizing of the skin, as it may also reduce disease. Adding it with a carrier oil like coconut oil offers a smooth skin, remove skin disease like eczema, acne, psoriasis and dark spot.

6. Reduce Depression

If you often suffer depression, opt for patchouli essential oil, it has a properties that can accelerate stimulation of nerves cells to work optimally. The patchouli oil aid in release of special hormone which assist calm and relaxes the mind. If inhaled, promotes generation of energy thereby relief all symptoms associated with depression.

7. Diuretic Properties

When we urinate, excess water and waste products are eliminated, hence promoting an optimal water balance and maintains blood pressure, which develop if there is imbalance of electrolyte. Calcium and uric acid among others, are mostly known for causingĀ  kidney stone , if the body continues to crystalline without frequent urination.

8. Combat Sexual Problem

Patchouli essential oil can be very beneficial for combating sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, low libidos and lack of sexual drive. Patchouli essential oil provide a great impact on the sex hormone meaning that it stimulate the release male sex hormone and female sex hormone. Applying it as natural remedy will offer you all these benefits.

9. May Serve as Deodorant

Patchouli essential oil is use as natural remedy for deodorant because it cure, leaving the mouth with a refreshing breath. It is usually combined with peppermint essential oil to provide good oral health. In addition, the antimicrobial properties attached to it kills and eliminate bacteria growth on the mouth that cause bad odor.

10. Enhance Wound Healing

Patchouli essential oil is loaded with natural properties that may be beneficial in combating and promoting healing. Dilute it properly with a carrier oil, and gently rub on the side of the wound, bruises, cut provide you chance of getting it benefits.

100% Patchouli essential oil is very potent at combating different disease. It’s work better when mixed with carrier oil or a diffuser since it is can be inhaled.

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