Tuwo Masara Health Benefits & Nutritional Fact

Tuwo Masara is prepared from a ground dried corn which provide the body with abundant of energy and nutrients.

Tuwon masara or corn fufu is commonly eaten in the Northern part of Nigeria, though other parts of Nigeria have adopted it as  their staple food.

The cornmeal swallow as it is called in English language, can be eaten with various soup such as Ogbono soup, Egusi soup, Miyan Wake, Miyan Taushe, Miyan among others.

Nutritional facts (100g) of Tuwo Masara

Calories: 96
Water: 73%
Protein: 3.4 grams
Carbs: 21 grams
Sugar: 4.5 grams
Fiber: 2.4 grams
Fat: 1.5 grams

This article will explore Tuwo masara  Health Benefits & Nutritional Fact

1. Maintains digestive tract
As mentioned earlier, Tuwon masara is made from corn, which houses dietary fiber, and other nutrients.

Fiber helps promote effective functions of the digestive tract by improving bowel movement. It also maintains beneficial bacteria required for effective digestion of food.

2. Energy sources

Consuming 2 or 3 wrap of tuwon masara may boost your blood glucose levels because it is a good source of energy in the body.

3. Immune system
A portion serve of Tuwon masara with soup earn you a lot of nutrients that can promote immune building.

People eat Tuwo masara because it offers various nutrients and antioxidant.

Nutrients and antioxidant are the reasons why it improve immune system. Antioxidant neutralize toxic substance design to attack vital organs in the body.

4. May Reduce cholesterol level
Adequate consumption of Tuwo masara can aid reduction of cholesterol levels owing to the fiber content and antioxidant.

Fiber is responsible for slowing down the rate at which fat is absorbed in the blood stream.

Consuming adequate amount will not just lower cholesterol but significantly improve high density lipoprotein.

5. May Prevent Colon cancer
Tuwon masara can as well inhibit gene mutation trigger by free radicals.

Intake of Tuwo masara help our body produce antioxidant that can systematically neutralize free radicals.

Free radicals are toxic substance known creating oxidative stress- major factor that cause colon cancer.

6. Contain B vitamins
Tuwon masara is valuable in terms of B vitamins which participate in many biochemical reactions in the body.

Several studies suggest substantial amount of B vitamins daily can add prevention of different diseases.

7. Constipation
Lack of dietary fiber rich-food, regular intake of water, are considered as risk factors of constipation.

Therefore, regular water intake as well as dietary fibre contained foods, particularly vegetables, grains are recommended for treatment or prevention of constipation.

Constipation is characterized with difficulty in passing out stool, headache, among others.

8. Protein
Tuwon masara is a rich source of protein. You  do not just consuming a carbohydrates food but also a protein contained food (1)

Tuwon masara is made from corn. It provides numerous health benefits due to the nutrients found in Tuwon masara.

Tuwo Masara Health benefits & Nutritional Fact of includes; colon cancer, B vitamins, reduce cholesterol levels, immune system etc.

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