9 Health Benefits Of Egusi seed

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Egusi seed belongs to the family of cuburbitance.

It is generally known as egusi in melon  seed and cultivated in most part of Africa countries.

Egusi seed is use as ingredients in soup preparation as thickener.

It’s highly nutritious and packed with different nutrients for instance, fat ,dietary fiber,  protein, vitamins, and minerals.

However, the annual plant is seem spreading on the ground or climb on a nearby tree. It bear a pod-like fruit with greenish in color, though turn to slight yellow once ripe and have same appearance with watermelon.

The pod-like fruit contains numerous melon seeds, the seeds are washed, dried, dried and ground before using for foods preparation.

Melon Seed health benefits include; Enhancement of growth, Good for eye, immune booster, Brain development, promote heart health, improvement of sex hormone, keeps skin maintained, anti- inflammation and helps prevent cancer,

Top 8 Health Benefits Of Melon Seeds

1. Brain development

Melon is very delicious and play a vital role as it assist in the brain improvement. It is true, brain performs great work in coordinating, reasoning and learning. These functions fails when there is no adequate diet rich in some essential fatty acids. Melon is filled to the brim with these essential fatty acids mega-3-fatty acids and mega-6-fatty acids, that are known for it significant effect on the brain.

2. Melon Seeds enhance growth

Melon is very good for growth developmen due to nutrients contained in melon like essential fatty acids and protein. Protein is known for repair and warn-out tissues, structural development, and growth. While essential fatty acids also contributes to the growth of children. Incorporate melon in your food enable you to harness all the nutrient it contains.

3. Good for the eyes

In terms of eye maintenance, melon is very surprising. Melon is a rich source of beta- caroteneoid, a precursor of vitamin A. However, Nutritionists frequently emphasizing on supplementation of food rich with essential fatty acids and Vitamin A for eye maintenance.

4. Improve sex hormone

Melon is a rich source of essential fatty acids which helps at secretion of estrogen, androgen and progesterone. Androgen is considered “Male sex hormone, while progesterone for “Female sex hormone. Besides, improvement of sex hormone, it can also promote sex drive, as well as prevent erectile dysfunction.

5. Anti inflammation

Findings have proven that consumption of melon-rich foods can promote removal of inflammation in the body. Melon possess Anti-inflammatory properties, this allow our body to deal with the process leading to inflammation in the body

6. Immune booster

Melon is packed with a lot of nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, thiamine, riboflavin, Niacin, iron, fatty acids and calcium. All these nutrients promote immune system. Immune system, required adequate intake of nutritious meal, to defend against infectious disease.

7. Maintenance of skin

Melon is also good in terms of skin maintenance.

This functions is attributed to protein in melon which helps in collagen synthesis.

Collagen is known for it role in speeding up skin regeneration process. Eating melon on daily basis will make your skin fresh always.

8. Prevent cancer

You can prevent cancer causing agent by supplementing melon as part of your food ingredients.

Melon’s active effect on cancer is due to caroteneoid content found it. Caroteneoid is an antioxidant which protect our cells against oxidative damage and reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer such as breast, lung and ovarian cancer.

Therefore, eating meal filled with melon gives you chances of obtaining these eye- dropping health benefits.


Egusi seeds are major Staple ingredients in soup preparation in waste African.

It is abundantly packed with numerous nutrients and phytochemicals.

It provides a wide range of health benefits including immune system,  sex hormone,  skin care,  among others.



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