10 Science-based Health Benefits Of Zobo Tea

Hibiscus tea (Zobo Drink) is a free herbal tea that belongs to malvaceae family[1] .

It has same characterises with cranberries and plays pivotal role in human body when consumed.

This popular plant is of numerous varieties such as Hibiscus altissima and Hibiscus sabdariffa( “red sorrel”, roselle) though hibiscus sabdariffa is mostly used in preparation of zobo drink or hibiscus tea [2].

However, hibiscus sabdariffa is a native to west African, but presently grown in Asian and American, owing to it culinary and medicinal benefits.

Moreover, hibiscus tea is prepared by steeping leaves of the hibiscus plant in boiling water. Some people prefer talking it cold while others when it is hot.

Research has revealed that hibiscus sabdariffa is loaded with natural compounds including triterpenoid, steroids, flavonoid, alkaloids, and quercetin beta- carotenoid, which are attributed to it potential in treatment and prevention of sore throat, sore and, wound, blood pressure, cancer and many others.

Nutritional value (100g)
Carbohydrates 8.7g
Protein 3.5
Fat 4.7g
Vitamin A 1000
Vitamin B1 0.2mg
Vitamin B2 0.4mg
Vitamin B3 1.4mg
Vitamin C 4.3mg
Calcium 240mg
Iron 5mg

This article will explain 10 Science-based Health benefits of Hibiscus tea (zobo drink)

1. Treat Sour throat

The most common cause of sore throat is a viral infection, such as cold or flu. Interestingly, hibiscus sabdariffa has been used to treat sore throat owing its natural properties.

Hibiscus tea possesses antimicrobial properties which makes it very potent in the treatment of sore throat.

Consumption of hibiscus tea or zobo drink helps our body fight against pathogenic growth and systematically keep you safe from harmful effect of bacteria, and viral infection.

2. Lower Cholesterol levels

High cholesterol in the body has be noted for numerous diseases like coronary stroke. Maintaining intake of healthy foods, especially those packed with bioactive compounds such as flavonoid, polyphenol, saponin and among others is thought to improve heart health.

It is believed that these compounds contribute in reduction of full absorption of cholesterol into the blood stream. They help moderate cholesterol levels by lowering low density lipoprotein.

3. Respiratory Diseases

In combating respiratory diseases, hibiscus tea is very crucial as its characterized with antimicrobial and antiinflammatory properties which aid in elimination of inflammation and bacteria.

Science has prove that viral infection is the primary causes of cold and flu. Regular intake of hibiscus tea offers you chance to inhibit development of respiratory disease.

In addition, the presence of antioxidant in it, plays a very important role as it helps neutralize free radicals which can block the airways.

4. Management of obesity

Obesity has been associated to many health problems, and can be reduced by eating low caloric foods and physical exercise. People add hibiscus sabdariffa to their food to loss weight.

5. May prevent Cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease that has claim many lives worldwide.

Research has shown that hibiscus sabdariffa has potential in preventing carcinogenic growth.

It contains flavonoid, saponin – an antioxidant that help ward off toxic substance capable of causing cancer.

6. Good For The Liver

Liver is one of the vital organs of the body; it helps our body detoxify harmful substance and break down of food components.

A weak liver can not perform this basic functions. You can decrease susceptibility of liver disease by eating healthy foods. Experts hypothesized that excessive accumulation of fat in the liver facilitate liver disease.

Importantly, hibiscus sabdariffa is thought to participate in reducing formation of fat deposits in the liver.

However, flavonoid, saponin are not only known for cholesterol lowering, but involves in enhancement of enzymes required for detoxification of toxic substance in the body.

7. Diuretic Property

Ideal urination promote proper functions of the kidney, whereas poor urination triggers precipitation of waste product in the urinary track which can increase risk of kidney stone.

Thanks to the presence of anti diuretic property in hibiscus tea; it helps eliminate waste product and optimize your body.

To successfully achieve all these benefits, opt for hibiscus tea. Some people use it as herbal tea while some for culinary purposes.

8. Anti-inflammatory & Antimicrobial
You can actually inhibit growth of bacteria, viral infection and inflammation through use of hibiscus sabdariffa, this is as a result of the antimicrobial properties in it.

Inflammation contributes to joint pain, swallow joined, redness. Taking a cup of hibiscus tea can help combat symptoms linked to inflammation and microbial growth.

9. Lower Blood Pressure

Hibiscus tea or zobo drink is very beneficial in terms of regulation of blood pressure. Uncontrolled blood pressure is prone to several daunting health problem.

Use of dietary remedy and conventional medicine are recommended to mitigate compilations of blood pressure.

Studies conducted have depicted that hibiscus tea can sufficiently moderate blood pressure.

Nutrients like potassium, magnesium and flavonoid are found in hibiscus tea.

Potassium is known as vasodilator, which help improve normal blood circulation.

Moreover, antioxidant contributes greatly as well by maintaining and removal of build up in arterial walls.

10. Help Improve eyesight

It is very advantageous in terms of eye improvement and maintenance.

When you take a cup of hibiscus sabdariffa, you obtain substantial amount of beta-carotenoid, vitamin C, and B vitamins which are beneficial in the eye care.

Beta-carotenoid is a natural compounds that can easily convert to vitamin A. Vitamin A, is known for eye enhancement.

11. Immune booster

They are powerhouse of essential nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, B complex vitamin, antioxidant, iron and bioactive compounds. These nutrients work together for improvement of immune system.


Zobo tea serves as herbal tea, packed with various nutrients as well as bioactive compounds.

Zobo tea is associated with numerous health benefits such as blood pressure,  immune Boosting,  cancer prevention,  among others.

People consume zobo as tea in order to derive these health- promoting benefits.



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