11 Impressive Health Benefits Of Achi Seeds (Brachystegia Eurycoma)

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11 Impressive Health Benefits Of Achi Seeds (Brachystegia Eurycoma)

You might not understand the wonders of achi until you make it your soup thickener. Achi, is scientifically known as Brachystegia eurycoma and originated from west Africa.

Achi is a traditional soup thickener in Nigeria and beyond especially, the Igbo speaking part of Nigeria.

It is popularly known as “ACHI” in eastern Nigeria, and akolodo in western Nigeria, the Yoruba’s[1].

However, Achi is used in making different local delicacy such as, oha soup, ukazi soup, bitter leafy soup etc.

Achi’s seed is soaked into water for some hours, dehulled, dried, grounded before use for making soup.

However, this brownish seed is cultivated in the tropical regions of the world.

However, achi is filled with different nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, riboflavin, Niacin, thiamine, and phytochemicals, like terpene, alkaloids, saponin, ect.

Health Benefits of Achi includes
Anti inflammation, Anti microbial, wound Healing, can prevent cancer, lowers blood glucose level, can lower cholesterol, Gastrointestinal health, Analgesic, Antioxidant and immune booster,

11 Impressive Health Benefits Of Achi

1. Immune booster

Achi is loaded with different vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C , and iron. Iron is known for red blood cells formation, whereas vitamin C aid the absorption of iron in the human body. Scientifically, normal blood volume promote immune system to function optimally. Immune system defend our body against foreign bodies that can mitigate functions of immune system, thus raising chances of acquiring life threatening disease. Interestingly, adding soup thinner like Achi in your meals will significantly improve your immune system.

2. Analgesic property

Achi is said to have analgesic, and Anti-inflammatory properties which contributes at eliminating pains. It act as Anti-inflammatory drugs by helping reduce inflammation that are responsible for pains especially joint pain, and stiffness. Research has proven that Achi can help minimize pains owing to the analgesic properties present in Achi.

3. Anti-inflammation

Achi is among soup thickener believed to have high potent at reducing inflammation in human body when incorporated into your daily meals. According to, keay et al.(1964) that flavanoid present in Achi is linked to it potent at reducing inflammation.

4. Anti microbial And Antioxidant

Achi plays a pivotal roles in inhabiting microbial growth. This is associated to the antimicrobial properties found in Achi. Achi has been used for decades to ward off bacteria, and viral infection. Incorporating Achi helps eliminate oxidative stress which can cause health issues.

5. Wound Healing

Among the vitamins in achi, is vitamin C, which is widely proven to be of great important at facilitating collagen synthesis for development of new cells. Collagen is vital for wound healing. Asides from this benefits of achi, it helps in formation of red blood cells. You also obtain lysine- the protein components.

6. Anti Cancer

As mentioned previously, Achi possess antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory properties these properties are very helpful at scrapping out cancerous cells. They involve in inhibiting growth of cancer by detoxifying the body.

7. Lowers blood glucose

Several research have shown that achi, is filled with dietary fiber and mainly contains complex carbohydrates. According to, Trowell (2017) dietary fiber helps reduce blood glucose absorption into the blood stream.

8. Gastrointestinal track

Achi contributes greatly in maintaining gastrointestinal track owing to the presence of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber ensure bowl movement and removal of intestinal disorder.

9. May Lower Cholesterol Level

Achi is also good at maintaining cholesterol levels, probably the presence of hydrocholloids. Hydrocholloids is a soluble fiber which is know for reducing build ups that obstruct flows of blood and reduce low density lipoprotein

10. Aid bone development

Bone is important in our body as it enable us to walk and perform other bodily functions. Whereas, studies have shown that deficiency of Achi is linked to osteoporosis and rickets. This makes it necessary for eating foods rich in calcium such as Achi. Calcium is known for bone building and maintenance. Incorporating Achi into your meal will effectively assist at bone building.

11 Support energy production 

Achi Seeds contain certain percent of carbohydrates which may serve as a source of energy.

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Achi is commonly used as soup thinner in west Africa precisely Nigeria. It can be used for cooking different local dishes like oha, ukazi soup, to mention but a few.

Achi  Seed is not just popular in Africa because it is cheap but due to its health benefits.

11 Impressive Health Benefits Of Achi Seeds (Brachystegia Eurycoma)

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