Whole Grains Therapy In Insulin Resistance

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When your liver cells, adipose and muscles cells cannot respond to insulin immediately food is ingested, leaving too much glucose in the blood.

Normally, insulin production is released immediately after food is ingested so as to take up newly absorbed sugar from the blood. If insulin secretion is impaired and insensitive to vital cells ,it may not respond positively in picking up sugar from the blood, leaving unrestrained sugar in the blood.

Consequently, this unregulated glucose formation in the blood and insensitivity of the liver, adipose and muscles cells, causing hyperglycemia, a high levels of sugar in blood, that will eventually cause damage to blood vessels, heart, kidney, eyes and nerves.

Notable risk factor in high blood sugar is diabetes. Effective insulin secretion and sensitivity help keep you protected against insulin resistance, meaning it will respond positively to cell receptors and decrease your risk of diabetes.

Whole Grains  Therapy  In  Insulin Resistance(cure for Insulin problems)

Whole grains are major Staple food consumed across the world. They include whole barly,
millet, buckwheat , oat, Spelt, amaranth, Quinoa, corn, and many others (1)

Whole grains are packed with dietary fiber, B vitamins, selenium, magnesium, copper, potassium, iron, Chromium, antioxidant, phytochemicals.

Phytochemicals; are natural compounds, antioxidant that are known for disease prevention in the body.

Dietary Fiber is a component of whole grains which moderate excessive absorption of glucose into the blood stream as well as facilitating insulin sensitivity; hence preventing insulin resistance.

Antioxidant involves in neutralizing free radicals which stop oxidative stress – one of the factors that could impede insulin sensitivity.

Free radicals are unpaired eletrons that disorder the body’s organ, tissues and cells. Antioxidant stops it by donating electron to the unpaired electron. This prevents it from further attacks on other compounds in the body.

Such as selenium, copper, Chromium also serve as antioxidant. They help protect against damage on the cell membranes. Apart from this, they participate in the secretion of insulin.

B Vitamins
Plays a greater role in our body as they’re essential in Biochemical processes designed to promote insulin activities.

Insulin resistance makes it for cells to function appropriately.

Whole grains are packed with vital nutrients which enable the body to produce accurate amounts of insulin.

Importantly,  Cure for Insulin problems requires adequate medication and food modifications.

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