10 Amazing Health Benefits of Miyar Zogale

Miyar Zogale is a delicious meal prepared mainly with moringa leaf, grounded tomatoes, beef, palm oil and daddawa which provide essential nutrients to the body.

Miyar Zogale or moringa soup is predominantly consumed in every household of the Hausa-speaking part of Nigeria, where it is said to have be originated.

Miyar Zogale is eaten in the Northern part of Nigeria  because of its benefits such as immune system, digestive system, cancer prevention among others.

Nutritional profile of Miyar Zogale

vitamin A
vitamin B1
vitamin B2
vitamin B3
vitamin C


10 Amazing Health benefits of Miyar Zogale

1. Boost immune system

You can easily Boost your immune system by regular intake of  foods like Miyar Zogale. It is prepared by the combination of tomatoes, moringa leaf, beef and palm oil.

It is an established fact, that moringa leaf, beef, tomatoes are store-houses of nutrients and antioxidant.

For example, vitamin A, C, B  iron and antioxidant are essential for immunity. Antioxidant is responsible for eliminating free radicals that cause oxidative damage.

Several studies suggest iron and vitamin C in Miyar Zogale can boost immune system. This enables the body fight  against pathogens.

2. Digestive system

To prevent symptoms linked to indigestion, consumption of Miyar Zogale is advised because it contains dietary fiber, bioactive compounds, and  B vitamins (3)

High fiber diet help lower risk of digestive disorder, as it promote bowel movement and bulk up the stool as well improve beneficial bacteria.

3. Prevent constipation

Constipation is a disorder occurs during defecation, it makes it hard for you to pass out stool.
Adding appropriate amount of Miyar Zogale in your  food plan can help soften your stool and mitigate symptoms associated with constipation.

4. Prevent Colon Cancer

Cancer is a life threatening disease that hit with numerous symptoms including anemia, weakness, poor immune system among others.

Thanks to Miyar Zogale as it assist in stopping gene mutation owing to the antioxidant, vitamin C, selenium, contained in moringa leaf, tomatoes, and palm oil.

Gene mutation occurs when the cells divide abnormally, leading to unregulated cell growth such as tumor.

Additionally, dietary fiber also plays a critical role in reducing risk of colon cancer in the digestive tract. It also contain niazimicin, a compound that help suppresses the growth of tumor.

5. Protect the liver

Adequate intake of Miyar Zogale may contribute considerably in boosting the liver to perform optimally.

Liver does the work of detoxification; whereas moringa in Miyar Zogale can sufficiently strengthen liver and decrease symptoms of  liver disorder.

Further, it possesses anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which help scrapp out bacteria, virus and fungal.

6. Cholesterol levels

Another benefit you may derived from Miyar Zogale is moderation of blood cholesterol. It nutrients profile is believed to have an contribute in lowering cholesterol.

7. Good for skin and hair care

Miyar Zogale is very advantageous in skin and hair care. It eliminatings symptoms of skin infection like ezcema, psoriasis, scaly skin and acne due to anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Moringa leaf in Miyar Zogale may hasten wounds healing.

8. Improve eye health

Vitamin A, Beta-carotenoid, seem in moringa, t helpful in eye health and preventing eye disease.

9. Reduce blood pressure

Miyar Zogale contains substances that may help manage blood pressure.

Research has shown eaten Miyar Zogale for 1 or 2 weeks may lower your blood pressure.

Though more research is needed to authenticate this claim.

10. Manage diabetes

As mentioned earlier, Miyar Zogale is made from moringa leaf, Extracts of moringa leaves may benefit people with diabetes, such as assisting with managing blood sugar and insulin levels.

11. Respiratory disease

Ingredients used in preparing Miyar Zogale is moringa leaf, and tomatoes.

Moringa leaf contains molecules that may help manage or prevent asthma, bronchial constrictions, and airway inflammation.


Miyar Zogale is a healthy meal made from moringa leaf, tomatoes, beef as well as palm oil.

Provide numerous health benefits such as immune Boosting, eye care, digestive tract manage diabetes.

Miyar Zogale is loaded with different nutrients and phytochemical properties such as niazimicin, vitamin A, folate, magnesium, potassium to mention but a few.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Miyar Zogale speak to  a dietitian or doctor for expert purposes if you have health issues



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