10 Proven Natural Remedy For Dizziness

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Dizziness is the loss of balance which makes you feel woozy, lightheaded and fainting. In human body, sudden dizziness affects the eyes and inner ear particularly.

Actually, dizziness is not really a disease but if you own experience last for a very long period of time, it could be as a result of an underlying health problems and requires the attention of health care professional.

It makes you feel spinning sensation or as if the room is moving around. It occur from time to time but if yours persist it could be a symptom of health disorder.

However, dizziness can be fostered by migraine, alcohol, some medications or menieres disease.

Possible causes of dizziness include
Low blood pressure
Ear infection
Excessive exercise
Motion sickness
Decrease blood sugar
Anxiety disorder
Drop blood pressure

10 Proven Natural Remedies for Treatment of Dizziness

1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is used mostly in the herbal world to maintain a healthy living. People drink it to cushion the effect of anxiety and dizziness . Anxiety has been linked to the cause of dizziness. Consumption of chamomile tea daily is said to ease anxiety and dizziness in our body.

2. Consume Iron Rich Foods

Dizziness is one of the symptoms of anemia, which show that your blood level of iron is low. This lead to inappropriate circulation of blood round the entire body. Hence, adequate intake of iron rich foods or iron supplements will help increase your blood volume which in turn stop dizziness in our body, as there is full circulation of blood to the whole body. Liver, beef, eggs, blueberries, spinach, tomatoes etc, are rich sources of iron.

3. Take Honey

Honey is an excellent source of glucose that gives support to those whose blood glucose has gone low. Dizziness often result due to low blood glucose levels, and followed by fainting but with consumption of honey dizziness will be definitely keep at bay. You can mix honey with various foods; some people add it to their teas.

4. Sleep it off

Generally, a good night sleep is absolutely important in our health. Avoid sleeping less than you’re required. When you sleep less than you’re supposed to, you may feel dizzy at work. Sleeping is as good as eating a delicious food and exercise.

5. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is known for it bioactive compounds like epicatechin. Epicatechin act as antistress property, meaning that stress which contribute to dizziness is reduced. Dark chocolate is believed to enhance ideal flow of blood to the brain. It is clear that people with higher than normal levels of hormone called cortisol in the blood are more vulnerable to dizziness.

6. Banana

Bananas are more than what you think they’re. Banana helps promote electrolytes balance in our body. electrolytes balance ensure normal blood levels of potassium, magnesium and sodium. Generally, any negative shift from the normal levels of magnesium, potassium and sodium in the human body can influence blood volume, as well cause health issues including dizziness , so taking banana regularly may assist at controlling dizziness. Bananas are rich source of potassium, magnesium. Vitamin C among others, which are required for electrolytes balance.

7. Cinnamon

In human body, high blood sugar usually present symptoms such as dizziness, depression and nausea. However, use of cinnamon has been reported to provide a promising effect. To overcome dizziness and nausea, cinnamon is needed as it aid improvement of blood flow to the brain. If you’re on antidiabetic drug, talk to your physician or dietitian prior to use. Know that high blood sugar is dangerous and cause diabetes.

8. Ginkgo Biloba

This function as a stimulants, helping circulate blood to the body. Traditionally, ginkgo biloba is use to increase concentration and memory. It has properties that fosters blood flow to the brain which offers calmness and ward off circulatory problems.

9. Ginger

Ginger also play an important role in the treatment of dizziness and nausea, as it allow the body distributes blood round the entire body. Weather you eat it raw, as spice or inhale the essential oil, ginger helps relief dizziness and nausea.

10. Water

Adequate intake of water daily helps in overall well-being of the body. Poor water intake has been associated to Low function of certain components of the human body. Water increase blood volume and ensure that metabolic activities are optimised. Dehydration can trigger different symptoms like dry mouth depression, dizziness, and tiredness. So, regular intake of water can completely reduce dizziness.


Dizziness makes you loss balance and feel tired, woozy and lightheaded . Low blood pressure , motion sickness, dehydration etc are believed to cause dizziness. Importantly, cinnamon, ginger, water intake, honey banana, good sleeping pattern, are said to play a vital role in the control of dizziness.

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