Kanuri traditional food & Health Benefits

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Kanuri people are an ethnic group mainly seen in some African countries such as Chad, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, and Cameroon.

Majority of kanuri people are farmers which reflects their cultural heritage. They have numerous traditional cuisine depending on the events.

Kanuri traditional food refers as those dishes prepared from local food ingredients which contain essential nutrients and phytochemicals.

Kanuri people are known for cooking meals like

Waina, Tuwo Shinkafa, Miyan Kuka, Gada, among others.

Let’s explore kanuri traditional food & Health Benefits 

1. Waina 

Waina is a traditional food of the kanuri people. It is eaten with any soup or stew of your choice. Waina is prepare in such a way that dumpling is formed. Many people consume waina with delicious soup or stew because it offers satisfaction and energy thus delaying onset of hunger. It is packed with excellent nutrients and bioactive compounds such as vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, and magnesium,

2. Tuwo shinkafa 

Tuwo shinkafa is a traditional cuisine prepared and consume extensively within the communities of kanuri people. It is made from rice flour. The rice is cooked, mashed to obtain smooth consistency. You could eat tuwo shinkafa with baobab leaf soup or bean soup. A serving of tuwo shinkafa earn you substantial amount of nutrients and antioxidant. For example, vitamin C, complex carbohydrates, thiamin, riboflavin, protein, selenium, and iron

3. Miyan Kuka

This is a native food of kanuri people that is prepared from baobab leaves. Ground leaf of baobab is mixed with other ingredients while cooking. Miyan Kuka is commonly eaten with tuwo shinkafa or starch. There are abundance of nutrients in Miyan Kuka include dietary fiber,Vitamin C , folate, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin potassium, zinc among others.

4 Gada

Gada most people in kanuri clan take gada as snacks which could be eaten at lunch. Gada is a product of groundnut and sugar. The groundnut is roasted and mixed with caramelised sugar, leading to a sweet snack. Gada contains carbohydrates, fat, thiamin, vitamin A, E, and C,

5. Miyan Taushe

Miyan Tausheis a delicious and nutritious traditional food made from pumpkin leaves or Ugu. The vegetables is mixed with spices, and onions.

Consumption of these dish enables the body generates essential nutrients and bioactive compounds.

Such as complex carbohydrates, thiamin, riboflavin, copper, magnesium, vitamin C, and potassium. Though, it can be served alone or pounded yam

6. kilish

Kilishi is a type of dried meat jerky that is found in the Kanuri town. The meat is typically beef, marinated in a mixture of spices and then air-dried.

Kanuri traditional food & Health benefits

Rich source of protein: kanuri foods contain reasonable amounts of essential amino acids. Protein is a building blocks of the body.

Complex carbohydrates: They serve as good source of energy because of the tuwo shinkafa in them.

May Reduce constipation: kanuri foods play an important role in reducing symptoms of constipation owing to the presence of dietary fiber.

Promote immune system: Adequate amount of kanuri foods earn you a lot of nutrients capable of decreasing presence of pathogens.

May help moderate blood pressure: some kanuri traditional food possess abundance of magnesium, potassium and antioxidant.

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Kanuri traditional food are considered as healthy food as most of are packed with important nutrients and antioxidant.

In fact people consume them because of the flavour, and health benefits,

Kanuri traditional food & Health Benefits include: Kilishi, Miyan Taushe, gada, Miyan Kuka and Waina.

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