Pepperfruit Therapy In Prostate Cancer

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Pepperfruit therapy in prostrate cancer, consumption of  pepperfruit may help lower risk of prostate cancer.

What is prostate cancer 

Prostate Cancer is an abnormal growth that formed in the Prostate. It is noted as the most common types of cancer which occurs in male.

This uncontrollable growth starts in the cells of Prostate – a walnut shaped gland

Generally, cells houses DNA which determines what the cell do in the body. When there’s abnormal changes, cell tend to grow and divide rapidly than normal healthy cell do.

The formation of abnormal cells develop to tumor in the body while others die.

Importantly, Prostate synthesis a watery substance that nourishes and transport sperm.

However, it  presents  various  symptoms including;  blood in the urine, erectile dysfunction,  bone pains to name but a few

There is no doubt that cancer is one of the leading cause of death worldwide.

This nutrients depleting disease, cause cells to mutates which in turn lead to abnormal growth

Pepperfruit therapy in prostate cancer

Pepperfruit has valuable nutrients including copper,  zinc,  magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and other natural compounds like flavanoid,  alkaloids,  terpenes,  saponin, and  tannins.


You can prevent growth of prostate cancer by making pepperfruit your routine snacks. Owning to its potent in eliminating cancer causing agent (1) .

Study conducted in one of the reputable university, Illinois at Chicago revealed that dennettia tripetala extract impede growth of prostrate cancer.

It has been observed that pepperfruit contains numerous phytochemicals which help ward off dangerous free radicals, a known factors of oxidative stress

Oxidative stress

This is an excessive accumulation of free radicals as well as fewer than normal antioxidant in the body.  It predisposes you to disease like prostate cancer.

Nevertheless,  presence of antioxidant in pepperfruit contributes greatly in neutralizing oxidative stress.

Intake of  pepperfruit   may   be    helpful,  though many researches are on going to certain the efficacy of pepperfruit therapy in prostate cancer prevention.

Prostate cancer is a chronic disease that affects mostly the male. It starts from the gene which cause it to mutates and ultimately leads to cancer.  Interestingly, certain foods have been observed to prevent and inhibit cancerous growth; this includes pepperfruit since it contains natural compounds.

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