8 Fascinating Health Benefits Of Tamarind

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Tamarind is a nutritious spice with a strong flavor, sweet and sour taste.

Tamarind is scientifically known as Tamarindus indica. It belongs to the family of Fabaceae.

The evergreen leaves has pods where it fruit is obtained. It contains a sticky and juicy pulp, though the pod is brown in color.

Even they’re seeds are consumable, making it a major ingredients in different sauce and several India cuisine.

Tamarind is native to tropical regions of the world including African and Asian.

It is filled with nutrients such vitamin E , vitamin C, B Vitamins, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and tartaric

Here are the Health Benefits Of Tamarind

1. Good For Healthy Heart

Fiber, vitamin C, potassium among others are components of tamarind which scientifically believed to improve healthy heart.

It helps reduce bad cholesterol in the body thereby combating fat deposits on the walls of arteries ( 1) .

However, potassium is said to be a vasodilator which promote optimum flow of blood while the vitamin C, an antioxidant which decrease build up in the arteries and blood vessels.

In addition, cooking with this  spice is recommended for a healthy heart.

2. Help Manage Diabetics patients

Tamarind is beneficial in the management of diabetic patients. It has a very low calories and amylase that helps reduce absorption of glucose into the blood stream.

It is widely believed that too much sugar in the blood and inadequate secretion of insulin is linked to diabetics.

Moreover, use of tamarind impact positively on pancreas which in turn secret insulin.

3. Boost Immune System

Regular use of tamarind will offer you many essential nutrients that help boost immune system. It is obvious that immune defend the body against foreign bodies.

Tamarind has vitamin C, antioxidant which involves in elimination of oxidative stress that can negatively reduce immune system.

Vitamin C is also known for formation of red blood cells as well as strengthen White blood cells, that contributes immensely as it helps in defence mechanism.

It also possesses antimicrobial properties, meaning pathogenic growth will not have a breathing space, if consumed adequately.

4. Help Boost Digestion

Another significant role of tamarind is maintenance of a healthy digestive system. It contains tartaric acid, malic acid which can profoundly improve digestive system. It reduce symptoms of indigestion like diarrhoea and constipation.

5. Aid Weight Loss

Weight gain occurs by consuming those foods high in calories and spending less calories than intake.

Tamarind is a spice with low calories, even though there is fiber content in tamarind. It will not just makes you loss extra pounds of weight but makes you fill full. Some studies said it suppress appetite.

6. Prevent Cancer

Several studies have proven that tamarind has potent to inhibit cancerous growth. Because of the antioxidant found in it. So, incorporating tamarind in your dish promote and scrap out toxins known as disease causing agent.

7. Good For The Skin Care

It contains notable nutrients scientifically proven to boost skin care such as vitamin E, C and B vitamins. It neutralize toxins, promote skin cells regeneration as well as cleaning up dark spot, acne, wrinkles and fine lines, thereby combating aging process.

8. Relieves Cold & Flu

Reducing cold and flu requires appropriate diet since it has a great role to play in the body. Treatment of cold and flu is linked to antimicrobial properties present in tamarind.

Spicing up your meal with tamarind, does not only decongest mucus and phlegm in the lungs but as well help ward off bacteria and viral infection.

9.Anti-oxidant properties 

Tamarind possesses various bioactive compounds such as tartaric, malic acids, which help improve digestion.

Antioxidant is also responsible for improving elimination of free radicals which triggers oxidative damage.


Tamarind is a healthy spice used in preparing numerous dishes.

Many people prefer adding tamarind since it has an excellent source of nutrients and bioactive compounds.

Consuming adequate amount enable our body generates vital nutrients which contribute to immune Boosting, cancer prevention,  antiinflammatory properties among others.


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