9 Impressive Health Benefits Of Phosphorus & Sources

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phosphorus is a macro- nutrient commonly seem in the cells of human body. The body uses phosphorus to maintain and build bone and teeth.

People obtained phosphorus from naturally food to promote synthesis of DNA and RNA, energy metabolism, transportation of fat in circulation, and transmission of nerve signal(1 ),though there are some percent in soft drink and many others.

Despite aiding removal of waste and repair of damage tissues, the health promoting nutrient is actually involved in muscle contraction and many kidney functions. In addition to heart beat regulation, 85% of phosphorus is concentrated in the bones and teeth.

Moreover, in your body, most of the biochemical processes are supported by phosphorus. Getting phosphorus- rich foods is recommended to avoid deficiency of it.

Deficiency of phosphorus reduces body’s functions, this include muscular weakness, poor bone and teeth formation.

Furthermore, over consumption of it could raise the risk of calcification and kidney disorder.

Daily recommended allowance for adult is about 700mg . People living with certain health problems such as diabetes or kidney disease should consult health practitioners, before embarking on self- medication.

Health benefits include: Body growth, promote digestion, help detoxification, fatigue and weakness, arthritis, brain maintenance, protein metabolism, and cell repair.

Wheat germ
Wheat bran
Rice bran
Sunflower seeds
Lentils cooked

9 Impressive Health Benefits & Source 

1. Bone Growth

People are advised to take phosphorus rich food because it enhance bone and teeth development. Deficiency of phosphorus is linked to bone density loss, fractures and bone damage. Taking adequate amount of it  is essential not just for an expectant mother but also for the new baby.

2. Promote Digestion

It is an important minerals which play a crucial role in the absorption of vital vitamins including niacin and riboflavin. Modern science believed that riboflavin and niacin may minimize oxidative damage in our body. Symptoms of digestive disorder can be prevented with the presence of substantial amount of phosphorus in your body.

3. Detoxification

Liver and kidney are very essential in the body, and requires optimum maintenance. In the kidney, it enhance urination which help get rid off assembled toxic substance in the kidney. You also benefit from phosphorus as it maintains and detoxifies the liver and keeps it protected from diseases.

4. Decrease Fatigue and weakness

The participate in the energy generation, which aid enhancement of your physical activities, thus reduce symptoms attributed to weakness. Consequently, low amount of phosphorus in the body is associated with fatigue and weakness. Therefore, consuming recommended amount of this nutrient helps keep fatigue and weakness at bay.

5. Reduce Arthritis

Deficiency of phosphorus, and calcium have been associated as the major causes of arthritis and osteoporosis, which is commonly found among those of the menopausal group. It is a mineral known for bone building, elimination of symptoms of arthritis. Incorporating phosphorus rich food will importantly earn you all these benefits.

6. Maintains Brain Function

In terms of brain promotion, phosphorus is superb. Science has revealed that deficiency of important minerals and vitamins can profoundly impact negatively on the cognitive prowess of the brain. Adequate amount of phosphorus is required to prevent memory loss and overall well being of the brain. Additionally, it is an integral part of the cells membrane. Besides, accelerating growth, it helps promote brain cells.

7.  Promote Metabolism 

Phosphorus also involved in energy generation of the body. Apart from stimulating metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and protein, it enable our body  absorb vitamins needed for many bodily functions.

8. Cell Repair

Phosphorus contributes immensely in the repair process and maintenance of numerous body cells. Meaning it enhance body cells development as well as general well being of the body.

9. Protein metabolism

Phosphorus plays a significant role in the synthesis of protein in our body. For protein to ensure repair and cell growth, it is needed in optimal amount.


Phosphorus is a mineral seem in the cells and bone of human body. It plays a pivotal role, range from promotion of metabolism, bone maintenance, protein metabolism, brain improvement and many others. However, it can be sourced from whole grains, fruit, fish, vegetables and cereals.

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