11Proven Health Benefits Of Mint Leaves Your Body Need

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Mint Leaves are perennial herb, member of Lamiaceae, with numerous species like spearmint, peppermint, and also used in many culinary dishes.

The aromatic plant, is used either fresh or dried, and a major ingredients in several oral health care products, beverages, salads, sauce and deserts. Though, its can be used in capsule form or applying it to the skin.

Besides, functioning as breath freshener, mint leaves are easily flourished in moist areas, and popular because of their cooling properties.

Mint pungent flavor and aroma are linked to the compound called L-carvone inherits to mint leaves. However, the essential oil and menthol are obtained from the  leaves.

Health benefits include; good for digestive system, combat headache and nausea, treat respiratory problem, promote eye health, dental health, hair care, improve immune system, antiinflammatory properties, aid in blood circulation, reduce breastfeeding pain and skin care.

11 Proven Health Benefits Of Mint Leaves

1. Good For Digestive System

It should not sound as a surprise to you, that eating foods made with mint leaves can help enhance secretion of salivary gland in your mouth even increase release of bile tool, so as to provide a healthy digestion of food. Moreover, research has shown that mint leaves foster bile flow and ensure maintenance of the digestive system.  They are said to have carminative properties, which means they can sufficiently discharge gas accumulation. Similarly, the anesthetic properties helps calm and relieves stomach pains, bloating  (1) . Adding mint leaves to your food are not limited to treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, constipation but also reduce gastric ulcer.

2. Combat Headache & Nausea

Whether taken mint leaves as capsule, tea, inhaling or adding into your meals are thought to suppress headache, nausea and dizziness. They are believed to contains Anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties which are effective at pains reliever. Additionally, they have a cooling sensation that assist in normalizing your body temperature.

3. Treat Respiratory problems

These  leaves are used in many regions to cure asthma, cold, cough, nasal congestion, it is even applied in many health care products as a result of the menthol presences. People inhale the steam of boiled mint leaves to decongest clogged nose, inflamed bronchi. The anti-inflammatory properties helps reduce inflammation in the throat and bronchi in order to open the respiratory track.

4. Promote Eyes Health

Lack of vitamin A in the body result to xerophthalmia, muscular degeneration and night blindness. Mint contains vitamin A, meaning when incorporated enhance proper function of the retina and maintenance of the epithelial tissue. Hence to keep your eyes healthy, try mint leaves and prevent eyes defects.

5. Dental Health

While people use mint leaves in many oral care products because, it contains properties like antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Expert says that tooth decay and bad breath are caused by bacteria. This antimicrobial qualities helps ward off bacteria that cause toothache.

6. Hair Care

You can prevent dandruff, head lice, gently applied to your scalp with crushed mint leaves. Being source of antiseptic and antimicrobial properties makes it potent at destroying bacteria that cause hair disorder. Sometimes mint leaves are crushed and use with other products like petroleum-based products. Moreover, regular use of these leaves promote scalp health and reduce excess oil accumulation.

7. May Reduce Breastfeeding Pain

Sore and cracks nipples observed while breastfeeding a child, use of mint leaf may help decrease pain associated to breastfeeding. It is believed that massaging mint leaf around the area of the nipples each feeding is very impressive for mitigating pains. It can be added to essential oil or mixed with water and use topically.

8. Improve Immune System

They have vitamin C , vitamin E, which are good at maintaining immune system. Vitamin C is well known for boosting immune system, and its function as antioxidant as well capable of reducing toxins.

9. Anti- inflammatory Properties 

Consumption of the  green leaves can be useful for treating pains, this is because it act as antispasmodic, Anti-inflammatory properties and cooling sensation,which are very advantageous at reducing intestinal muscles spasms.

10. Aid In Blood Circulation

Inhaling the boiled mint leaves or essential oil, stimulate metabolic rate and blood circulation. This contribute nourishment of various body part, even oxygenation of the brain, which keeps you protected from cognitive problem and bringing down disease such as Alzheimer’s disease.

11. Skin Care

Excess secretion of sebum could be a reason behind skin disorder, mint leaves are effective at regulating and reducing skin disorder. Mint leaves contain vitamin D, and vitamin E. This vitamin E , an antioxidant aid in cleaning up your skin by inhibiting formation of free radicals – a disease causing factor in the body. It possesses astringent properties tool,which help shrink pore and strength the skin. Studies have shown that mint leaves have capacity to increase skin rejuvenation


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