10 Shocking Health Benefits Of Saffron For libido, Skin

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Saffron is scientifically known as “Crocus sativus”and obtained from threads(stigma and style) within the saffron flower. It relates to lily.

Saffron is a spice with excellent aroma and a pleasing color. It relates to lily.

It grows most in both tropical and subtropical regions, though it is very expensive spice, probably because of the method of harvesting and planting of saffron.

Saffron originated in Asian countries particularly, Iran being the most supplier of saffron worldwide.

Saffron is a major culinary ingredients and herbs in the developed and developing countries such as Europe, Asian and Northern America.

Moreover, it  contains various nutrients and phytochemical such as Zeaxanthin, caroteneoid, gamma carotene, lycopene.

It is believed that these chemical compounds are responsible for it color, taste and aroma, even the capacity to eliminate oxidative stress, improve mood and combat inflammation.

The spice holds a lot of health benefits ranging from the mental health, skin care, prevent hair loss, respiratory problems, sexual performance, relieves pains, digestion, heart health, menstrual cramps.

Here are the Health Benefits

1. Improve Mental Health

To improve mental health, saffron can be advantageous, serving as antidepressants that act similar to conventional medication, though natural source.

It stimulate the brain owing to crocin and safranal, natural chemical found in saffron. These compounds help regulate neurochemical including dopamine norepinphrine and serotonin which aid in reducing symptoms linked to depression just as antidepressants medication.

However, it reduce stress and anxiety by influence the endocrine gland positively.

It consumption offers you a healthy sleep and relaxed mind because of the sedative properties. Also enhance learning and memory development as well as reducing symptoms like Alzheimer disease.

2. Good For The Skin

Being source of antioxidant helps control and eliminate acne, blemish, dark spot among others. Application of it through food or topically assist various ways. It also works as anti aging agent.

3. Prevent Hair Loss

Another amazing functions of saffron is it power for stimulation of blood flow to the hair follicles.

Effective circulation of blood round means nutrients are delivered which in turn improve growth, neatly eliminate hair loss as well as sparking it to shiny.

4. Respiratory Problem

Use of saffron regularly can treat cough and common cold.

This is because the expectorant properties it has can easily loosens the phlegm from the lungs thereby maintaining the airways.

The Anti-inflammatory properties also play a vital role by preventing narrowing of the airways in order to maintain a healthy respiratory system.

5. Promote Sexual Performance

It is one of the best spice that can be supplemented for sexual improvement.

It has long be used for improvement of sexual issues including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and decrease chance of developing infertility.

People combine milk and saffron daily to improve libido(1) . As a potent aphrodisiac, it benefits both male and female reproductive system.

6. Relieves pains

Source of pain relieves due to the safranal compound. Saffron intake can be very helpful since it impressively calm and relaxes the nerves, though many use saffron as a sleeping aid.

7. Good For Digestion

You can also benefit from saffron, as it improve digestive system and smartly decrease indigestion symptoms. Such as constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence and among many others.

It can actually stimulate secretion of essential enzymes needed for efficient digestion.

Incorporating saffron to your meal do not only limit to prevention of digestive problems but also treat stomach upset and totally sanitize the gastrointestinal track, hence making you have a healthy digestive system.

8. Promote Detoxification

Saffron is one of the most expensive spice across the world, possibly because of its components, culinary uses and medicinal purposes.

It has abundant antioxidant, crocin, safranal, lycopene Zeaxanthin, and caroteneoid. It is scientifically proven that these compounds contribute immensely in elimination of free radicals, a leading causes of cells damage in the body.

Hence, using saffron regularly will assist profoundly in reducing, toxins, cancerous cells, inflammation among many others. Moreover,magnesium and potassium are co-factors which can systematically promote cells repair through biochemical process as well as other health benefits.

9. Maintain The Heart Health

Saffron consumption can act as a dilator of blood vessels and arteries thus maintaining the heart to function effectively. This will help prevent atherosclerosis, main causes of stroke and health attack.

Due to high percent of potassium in saffron. It is also believed that crocetin, a compound in saffron can control cholesterol level making it alternative choice for heart improvement.

10. May Help Menstrual cramps

It can also be helpful since saffron can influence endocrine gland positively.

This involved in secretion of hormones required for female reproductive system.

The minerals present may equally contribute to the contraction and relaxation of muscle during monthly cycle.


Saffron contains numerous nutrients and antioxidant which is associated with it aroma, taste and color.

It offers various health benefits include digestion, detoxification, respiratory problems, relieves pains, menstrual cramps, mental health, health loss.


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