10 Science-base Health Benefits Of Ehuru (African Nutmeg)

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10 Science-base Health Benefits Of Ehuru (African Nutmeg)

Ehuru seed is also referred as African nutmeg. It is a healthy spice use commonly in west African for medicinal and culinary purposes.

The edible perennial plant is botanically known as monodora myristica, and a member of the Annonaceae family. In Nigeria, African nutmeg has different names depending on the regions, it is called Ehuru by the Igbo speaking part, gujiyadan miya, by the Hausa’s, and ariwo by the Yoruba’s.

The popular Ehuru seed (African nutmeg) is predominantly grown in Nigeria, Liberia, Angola, Cameron and Uganda, where it is highly revered for African cuisine.

Ehuru  seed has a similar taste and aroma of nutmeg, and a berry of 20cm diameter. It has smooth body, greenish and spherical in appearance, though turn woody at maturity. It is connected to a long stalk which is up to 60cm long.

It bears fruit which house numerous oblong, pale brown seeds that are protected by a whitish fragrant pulp. African nutmeg or Ehuru is normally harvested between August- November.

However, This tropic shrub, contain a lot of bioactive compounds and beneficial nutrients such as phenolic compounds, caffeic acid, eugenol,magnesium,  calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, fiber, vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, folic acids, protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

Furthermore, African nutmeg is used to spice up numerous traditional foods like pepper soup, nkwobi, banga soup, and many others.

Interestingly, these components are responsible for the various health benefits, including   lower high cholesterol, prevention of skin infection, ulcer and arthritis.

10 Science-base Health Benefits Of Ehuru (African Nutmeg)

1. Regulate Cholesterol Levels

Several researches conducted have demonstrated that consumption of African nutmeg promotes reduction of high cholesterol levels in the body.

High levels of cholesterol in human body has been noted as a major causes of atherosclerosis that lead to cardiovascular disease. However, Adequate intake of local foods packed with vital nutrient such as African nutmeg is very advantageous at regulating cholesterol levels.

African nutmeg is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acid, dietary fiber and phenolic compounds which are linked to the cholesterol lowering potential of African nutmeg.

It helps at decreasing total triglyceride, low density lipoprotein and significantly increases high density lipoprotein ( 1)

2. Ulcer prevention

Ulcer is an injuries in the mucosa lining of the stomach cause by Helicobacter pylori and abnormal lifestyle. African nutmeg helps at impeding destructive effect of the bacteria.

Thanks, to the presence of antioxidant and antibacterial properties found in African nutmeg. Eating of this seed enable our body fight against pathogenic growth thus keeping you healthy all day.

3. Maintains The Heart Health

People in eastern Nigeria add African nutmeg to their food to prevent and reduce coronary heart disease owing to it constitutes.

Ehuru seed contains dietary fiber, vitamin E, vitamin C and antioxidant. Scientifically, vitamin E, and dietary fiber are responsible for elimination of build up in the arteries that are capable of impeding ideal circulation of blood in the body.

Nutritionists, often emphasis regular use of fiber-dense spice like African nutmeg which can tactically optimize your heart health.

4. Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties

Bacteria, virus and fungal are major causes of numerous diseases in our body. Eating healthy foods loaded with nutrients and natural compounds is considered as best approach to decrease presence of pathogenic growth in your body.

Interestingly, Ehuru seeds posse antibacterial and antioxidant properties that very potent at warding off free radicals or toxic substance in the body.

Hence, applying Ehuru seed in your dishes earn you these amazing benefits.

5. Antispasmodic properties

You can combat symptoms of stomach and intestinal cramp by incorporating Ehuru seeds in your meals.

Antispasmodic properties helps maintain muscle of stomach and intestines.

Its functions does not limit to moderation of gut, bowel walls but promote general well- being as well.

6. Prevent Cancer

Excessive free radicals in the body is regarded as factors predisposing people to cancer.

Scientifically, natural foods have demonstrated promising effect in cancer prevention and treatment as they house a lot of phytochemicals known for elimination of cancerous growth.

Bioactive compounds are said to inhibit development of free radicals designed to trigger cancer in the body.

7. Digestive System

Digestion and utilization of food is very important in the improvement of general well-being of the body.

Adequate consumption of spice rich in vital nutrients is often recommended for proper digestion of food and utilization.

Research has proven that Ehuru seed is very potent at stimulating secretion of digestive enzymes needed for effective digestion of food. To obtain this benefits, add African nutmeg or Ehuru seed to your diet regularly.

8. Respiratory Diseases

Ehuru seed has been used as traditional remedy for prevention and treatment of common cold and flu.

Thanks, to the presence of antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties which helps scrap out bacteria, virus and fungal in the airways.

It serve as an expectorant in the body. Spicing up your pepper soup, banga soup and many others with African nutmeg help boost your body to fight against pathogenic growth, thus keeping you healthy.

9. Boos Sex Derive

African nutmeg or Ehuru seed is one of those spice known for improvement of libidos. It contains zinc,  iron, magnesium, unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin A, phenolic compounds, flavonoid and steroids. These nutrients are believed to improve human sexual derive.

10. Eye Maintenance

Low serum levels of vitamin A has been associated with eye problem. Vitamin A and antioxidant are very active in detoxifying primary cause of eye problem and hence overall well being of the eyes.


African nutmeg is a delicious spice, used in both culinary and medicinal purposes.

It is liked by many people due it nutritional profile.

It plays a critical role in human body, and offers an excellent health benefits include eye maintenance,  boost sex drive,  digestive system,  heart health,  prevent cancer  and among others.

10 Science-base Health Benefits Of Ehuru (African Nutmeg)

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