10 Shocking Health Benefits Of Horseradish Your Body Need

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Horseradish is a spice with pungent aroma, used mainly in culinary and medicinal practice.

Horseradish is originated in Europe. The root vegetable, horseradish possess similar characteristics with mustard, cabbage and broccoli though it belongs to the family of “Brassicaceae”. It is scientifically known as Armoracia rusticana

Though, its widely used because of the nutrients and phytochemicals believed to be significant in prevention and treatment of various diseases.

The nutrients are as follows potassium, dietary manganese, ,magnesium, zinc, calcium, dietary fiber to mention a few.

The health- promoting spice is beneficial for treatment of digestive disorder, skin infection and weight loss.

Nutritional Value
Water 85.1g
Energy 48kcal
Energy 201 KJ
Protein 1.18g
Fiber 3.3g
Riboflavin 0.024 mg
Folate 57ųg
Niacin 0.386mg
Iron 0.42 mg
Zinc 0.83 mg
Magnesium 27mg
Calcium 56mg
Potassium 246 mg
Phosphorus 31 mg
Vitamin C 24.9mg
Vitamin A 2IU

USDA database

Shocking health benefits Of Horseradish 

1. Improve Immune System

Natural compound such as isothiocyanate and sinigrin among others are found in horseradish. These substance have been found to be potent in boosting immune system. This is achieved by stimulating secretion of White blood cells in the body. However, white blood cells functions as a body guard, meaning it defend the body against harmful substance. The antioxidant also ensure elimination of free radicals which can affect immune system negatively. Adding horseradish as a spice into your dishes is recommended as it improve overall well-being.

2. May Prevent Cancer

There are many benefits to harness from horseradish, cancer prevention is one of them. Cancer is the leading cause of death across the globe and it treatment can be very challenging as it is characterised with some dietary restrictions.  The aromatic  vegetable possess sinigrin, a glucosinolate which can effectively prevent growth of cancer in our body, by inhibiting cancerous cells from multiplying. In addition, when you add horseradish in your meal, you are equally strengthening the body to ward off cancer and it complications.

3. Helps In Losing weight

Weight again and weight loss are determined by the amount of calories consumed per day and the physical activities of the individual. For weight loss, intake of spice of low calories is often advised by the dietitians. Horseradish contains low calories, no fat and high fiber content. Hence, spicing up your meal with horseradish will optimized and help reduce weight as one serving of it has about six calories. Similarly, the fiber content makes you fill full and delay onset of hunger thus offering a positive result.

4. Maintain Blood Pressure

It may surprise you to know that horseradish consumption can maintain and regulate your blood pressure. Appropriate diet has been the best approach in blood pressure regulation since there are no preservatives and side effect as it is obtained in the consumption of conventional medicine. Horseradish contains potassium, the health professional, and nutritionists says potassium helps for regulation of blood pressure and heartbeat. Science has revealed that deficiency of potassium in the body predisposes one to heart attack, and stroke. Incorporating horseradish in your meal will assist your heart to work effectively in lowering a high blood pressure and ensuring idea flow of blood and nutrients.

5. Antibacterial properties

Horseradish exhibit antibacterial properties meaning it can help fight off bacteria which cause infections. Adding horseradish in your meal assist eliminate diseases such as staphylococcus and E coli.

6. Improve Digestion

To improve digestion, spice such as horseradish is a right option for overall digestive system. It impacts positively on the gastric gland by stimulating secretion of necessary digestive enzymes that promote effective digestion. Stimulating the secretion of intestinal and gastric gland is linked to the presence of phytochemical found in it. It is an established fact that proper digestion present no digestive abnormalities. So, opting for horseradish regularly helps keep indigestion at bay.

7. Possess diuretic properties

To boost kidney functions, horseradish can be very helpful since it contains diuretic properties. Kidney does the work of filtration and removal of waste products. Horseradish helps enhance stimulation of urine; it is scientifically believed that ideal urination promote removal and flushing out of harmful and toxic substance out of the body. Furthermore, a serving of horseradish meal will not just removal harmful substance by aiding urination but as well renergized and keeps you healthier.

8. Bone development

The importance of bone is so numerous, in fact, having a stronger bone makes you retain youthfulness and longevity. Horseradish is very helpful in this regard as it improve your bone, thanks to the appreciable amount of calcium content in horseradish. Calcium is well known for bone development and maintenance. However, it will help you top up the amount of calcium content in your body so as to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis, even improve metabolic activities in the body.

9. Combat respiratory disease

Horseradish can also help clear up phlegm and mucus, since it has antimicrobial properties. Regular intake of horseradish can as well be helpful in minimizing respiratory diseases and it symptoms.

10  Enhance Healthy Pregnancy

Experts says eating adequately during pregnancy play a crucial role in fetus development and general well-being.
Horseradish is one of those foods that will help in fetus development and maintenance due to the folate presence in it. Hence, intake of horseradish at this stage will drastically improve fetus development and reduce susceptibility of any defects.


Horseradish is a root vegetable with pungent aroma and essential nutrients that contribute considerably in numerous functions of the body.
It offer a lot of health benefits such as bone development, treat respiratory problems, lower blood pressure, weight reduction, antimicrobial properties among others. It serves as spice in dishes and herbal medicine.

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