10 Shocking Health Benefits Of Tilapia Fish For Your Brain

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Tilapia fish is nutritious, mostly grown in fresh water with abundance of omega- 3 fatty acids, no cholesterol, low fat, and calories.

Originated in African, though presently found in many parts of the world.

It has mild flavor, it can be seem at grocers and very affordable.

It is among the sort after salmon, tuna, and Alaskan, Pollock but they consider buying naturally grown than artificial grown.

According to U.S Food and Drug Administration, tilap fish has very low Mercury and contaminant content.

10 Shocking Health Benefits Of Tilapia Fish

1. Boost Brain Health

A serving of tilapia fish will promote your neurological functions. Poorly developed brain, often lack concentration, mental impairment and confusion. It is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and selenium. These nutrients work directly to enhance brain health and strengthen cells to eliminate factors promoting Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and Parkinson disease. Moreover, consumption of the nutrients packed fish, increase flow of blood round the body and oxygen to your brain.

2. Strengthen Bone

Deficiency of calcium and phosphorus reduces bone density and triggers osteoporosis. You can obtain reasonable amount of these nutrients in tilapia which will profoundly benefits your bones. Besides, reducing risk of fracture and other bone issues, tilapia fish can also assist in metabolism.

3. May Fight Cancerous cells

To decrease chance of cancer formation in your body, add tilapia fish into your daily dishes. It contains selenium, an antioxidant that protect you against oxidative damage. It destroy dangerous effect of oxidative stress in your body, given you a healthy life style. Though, more research is on going to ascertain the potency of selenium on cancerous cells inhibition.

4. Maintain The Heart Health

Tilapia is loaded with essential nutrients such as omega- 3 fatty acids, omega- 6- fatty acids, low calories, no fat and cholesterol. It is scientifically proven that these nutrients are very significant in sustaining and dealing with all kinds of cardiac problems such as stroke or heart attack (1) . People consider use of wild tilapia fish to control blood pressure, and cholesterol levels than farm-grown due to imbalanced levels of nutrients.

5. Fasten Wound Healing

It is a rich source of protein which helps repair warm out tissues and development of new cells. Eating adequate amout of this  fish helps facilitate collagen synthesis which helps heal wounds.

6. Reduce Premature Aging

Free radicals are among causes of premature aging. It is a storehouse of vitamin, minerals, protein and antioxidant. These nutrients have potent to fight off health- damaging factors that accelerate quick aging. However, adding tilapia fish into your meals helps keep Free radicals and it oxidative stress at bay. Moreover, incorporating recommended amount of tilapia fish enable you prevent risk of gray hair, saggy skin and other disorder.

7. Good For Immune system

To defend and fight off infectious disease, incorporate tilapia fish for boosting and strengthen of immune system. Immune functions as a defence mechanism, so to improve immune performance eat adequate diet which is enriched with tilapia fish. The various nutrients like vitamin E, selenium and essential acids are superb in immune building.

8. Maintain Your Skin

Tilapia fish contains, vitamin E, protein and B vitamins. Vitamin E, antioxidant that contribute immensely in scrapping out eczema, acne dark spot and wrinkles. Consuming substantial amounts of it regularly, will help improve your skin naturally.

9. Maintains The Hair

You can prevent hair loss, scalp infection by consuming tilapia fish as it contains omega- 3 fatty acids. Importantly, it is celebrated worldwide for it capacity in nourishing your hair growth and overall health care.

10. Source Of Protein & Omega- 3 fatty acids

Tilapia fish is a good source of animal-based protein and essential fatty acids. This serve as an antiinflammatory agent, a property responsible for scrapping out inflammation. According to research, inflammation is a leading causes of cardiovascular. It is advised you add tilapia fish as there are slightly fat content for those with heart related diseases.

Tilapia fish is highly nutritious and good for heart- related diseases. It possess essential nutrients known for many bodily functions. It plays a pivotal role in human body as it offers you with improved immune system, healthy heart, brain health to name but a few.


Dietther: Ojeoru Goodluck is a passionate health writer who has written numerous articles on health. He obtained bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics.