10 Shocking Health Benefits Of Maca Root

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The maca root is known as Peruvian ginseng or lepidium meyenil botanically.

Maca root has similar characteristics with the cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage, kale, broccoli and mustard plant.

Maca root spread to different parts of the world today not just because of it’s use in culinary but it prominent in medicinal practices especially in Peru.

It flourish best in the Andes mountains. The root grows beneath the ground, with numerous color like white, red, brown and black. Maca root is consumable.

Maca root could be in powdered form that can be applied into meal, while some can be in capsule form.

Maca root health benefits include; help improve male fertility, promote blood circulation, improve immune system, sex drive, help improve memory, reduce blood glucose levels, combat menopausal problems, treat prostate, bone health, and energy source..

Nutrition Fact

One ounce(28g)

Calories 92gram

carb 20gram

protein 5gram

Fiber 2gram

iron 23% of  RDI

Vitamin C 133% RDI

Potassium 16%  RDI

10 Health Benefits & Uses Of Maca Root

1. Improve Male Fertility

You can increase sperm count and sperm motility with the use of maca root. Enough sperm count in the body is extremely important in terms of swim and fertilization of the eggs. Though there may be sperm count but with out motility it will not get to the eggs and fertilize them. However, when you consume Maca root, you are also improving their swimming potential as well as eliminating infertility.

2. Promote Blood Circulation

Proper circulation of blood to various organs is very necessary for effective performance of the body. By ensuring blood flow means that oxygen and nutrients get to the body. Use of maca root stimulate blood flow and clear up arteries, resulting excellent flow of blood to the penis, which enhance stronger erection. Though maca root is part of male enhancement supplement. Similarly, maca root is superb as it revive organs by maintaining optimal circulation of blood round the body.

3. Improve Immune system

Even though Maca root has adaptogenic effect, it has potent to improve immune system. Use of maca root helps speed up formation of natural antibodies, such as T cells. Antibodies inhibit foreign invaders capable of causing infectious disease. Moreover, Maca root is superb in terms of immune boosting.

4. Improve Sex Drive

As mentioned previously, maca root increase circulation of blood round the body even the arteries, leading to the genital part. Maca root is known for promoting sex drive or libidos which are characterized with low testosterone. Men benefits more, when they consumed maca root as it restore and boost their sex drive ( 2). If you are suffering from low libidos opt for maca root to stay healthy, and for overall well-being.

5. Help Improve Memory

Maca root can be helpful as it is used traditionally as herb to power memory. Children of school aged are given maca root to improve their memory and retention.

6. Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a major problem affecting many aged people, thanks to maca root that can stimulate blood flow across the body. Maca root does not only improve blood flow, rather it helps dilate the arteries and blood vessels. It is a rich source of potassium, making them ideal solution for blood pressure control.(3) 

7. Help Prevent Prostate

Prostate can be minimized and prevented by the use of maca root. Specifically, the red maca has potent to shrink enlarged prostate and relieves symptoms linked to prostrate. Application of Maca root is recommended so as to prevent occurrence of prostate.

8. Combat Menopausal Problem

Menopausal occurs among the elderly usually characterized with hot flashy, tiredness, mood change, and fatigue. It is said that when women get to the menopausal stage, there is often a swing in the estrogen leading to various symptoms. Maca root assist in curbing all symptoms, including depression and anxiety, as well as promoting sex drive. Adding maca root into your diet plan reduce your susceptibility to menopausal problems.

9. Promote Bone Health

Maca root is very beneficial for bone maintenance owing to the minerals including calcium, phosphorus and copper. These nutrients mostly, calcium is believed to enhance bone and teeth, thus decreases development of osteoporosis. They also work interdependently to strengthen and maintained bone health.

10. Energy Booster

Maca root is superb, especially in energy boosting, it is used by Many to improve their physical performance. It is a secret foods for body- builders and the athletes as it helps increase energy and keeps them active all day and fit.

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