11 Incredible Health Benefits Of Raw Honey For Your Body

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oney is consumed in several parts of the world, and can easily be mixed with juice or spice including lemon juice and cinnamon for traditional medicine.

Honey uses is popular today because of the health benefits, but still an excellent source of sugar and should be eating moderately if you’re diabetic.

Honey is nutritious, as well a sweetener making it a source of energy, bioactive compounds, vitamins  and minerals.

Moreover, honey’s properties depends on the method of preparation and place of harvest.

Raw honey is seem in many traditional medicine, for the fact that they possess healing properties, and used to cure common cold, asthma, and many others.

However, there are different ways of consuming honey, it can be drink raw, as a complement to other food, though some people choose to mix honey with warm water.

Health benefits of honey include, reduce gastric disorder, may impede infection, source of energy, combat nausea, prevent sleeping disorder, may remove dandruff, help treat respiratory problems, immunity, Skin Care.

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of  Raw Honey

1. Reduce Gastric Disorder

Honey is usually used to combat gastric issues, this is because honey has antimicrobial, antioxidant properties, which are helpful at destroying germs and harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal track (1) .

2. Honey Reduce Infection

Raw honey is vital at preventing infections, having antibacterial properties makes it ideal solution for infectious diseases. It is believed that bacteria is the primary causes of infection. However, adding honey in your meal plan enable you obtain this benefit, and technically inhibit occurrence of infectious disease.

3. Source Of Energy

Honey is widely known for energy generation, thanks for it carbohydrate content. Taking honey does a lot of work in human body, even in boosting immune system. To keep fit and energetic, honey is recommended.

4. Combat Nausea

Nausea can be irritating, and disturbing as it keeps you vomiting all time if left uncontrolled. Traditionally, honey has be used to prevent and curb nausea. Honey can be mixed with juice such as lemon juice, garlic juice or apple cider vinegar to minimize nausea.

5. Enhance Sleep

Sleeping up to 6 – 8 hours is recommended for overall well-being of the body. Not getting enough sleep have been noted for generation of various health problems. Taking some tablespoon of honey is said to impact positively in the body, thus enhancing your nerves cells and brain, this way healthy sleep is achieved.

Combat Respiratory Diseases

Using honey in respiratory problems such asthma, cough, cold, and pneumonia, is extremely impressive, as it assist in eliminating bacteria and mucus membrane on the airways. Consuming adequate amount of honey decreases accumulation of build up in the bronchial tubes, thus improving effective functions of the bronchi.

7. Honey Remove Dandruff

The antibacterial properties found in honey help ward off dandruff, scalp infection. Water is combined with equal amount of honey to treat dandruff, and scalp infection. Just rob it in your scalp allowed for some hours and thereafter wash it out .

8. Maintain immune system

Being a good source of some important nutrients and bioactive compounds makes it significant in terms of immune promotion. Vitamins, minerals and a plethora of healthy oil in honey is scientifically proven to accelerate immune system.

9. Maintain Brain capacity

Lack of some essential nutrients is associated to impairment of some bodily functions. whereas adequate consumption of nutrients rich foods such as honey help keeps your brain active and functioning optimally.

10. Skin Care

Honey is also advantageous when it comes to skin care. Regular intake of honey is responsible for skin maintenance and general well being of the body.

11. Help Heal Wounds

Many people across globe use honey to treat wounds, even in the health care settings, honey is applied as well to deal with germs, this is because of it unmatched strength to kill off bacteria in the body, and accelerate skin rejuvenation.

There is no doubt that honey is nutritious. There are different ways of consuming honey. Some people mix honey with spice whereas others take it raw. It plays a significant role in the body such as wound healing, immune system, cough, skin care, energy metabo

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