10 Health Benefits & Uses Of Edible Mushroom

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Over the years, mushrooms benefits have remain untapped, ignored, with a revealing stories that eating certain kinds of mushroom can cause sudden death due to toxic substance.

Actually, there are varieties of mushroom, the edible type and non edible mushroom – toxic and poisonous. For instance, the edible mushroom are as follows oyster, chanterelles, cremini, and portobello mushroom.

Mushrooms are edible fungus loaded with various nutrients including protein, fiber, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin D, potassium, copper, phosphorus, iron choline and B vitamins.

Mushrooms have a unique flavor and can be added to stews and sauteed vegetables. At the grocery stores, it can be found fresh, dried or canned

Mushroom health benefits include; helping manage diabetes, excellent source of vitamin, minerals, weight loss, combat anemia, prevent Breast cancer, immune system, bone building, healthy skin and Hair, heart health.

10 Health Benefits & Uses Of Mushroom

1. Manage Diabetes

Mushroom can be added to a meal plan of a diabetics patients. Being a cholesterol free, fat and low carbohydrate makes it potent and a must add for blood sugar regulation. However, eating mushroom keeps your blood sugar in check and minimize complications. In addition, mushrooms are rich source of dietary fiber which help regulate blood glucose levels  .(1) .

2. Excellent Source Of Vitamins

Mushroom offers various vitamins once consumed such as niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acids. These vitamins are coenzymes which are very important in biochemical reactions. Deficiency of vitamins in our body raises many diseases, thanks to incorporation of mushroom that help increase the blood levels of these vitamins in our body.

3. Weight Loss

Adding mushroom when you are trying to loss extra pounds is helpful; eating low caloric foods have indicated a positive result in weight reduction plan. Mushroom is one of the low caloric foods, no cholesterol, high fiber content, and plant- based protein, that are effective for weight reduction purposes.

4. Source Of Minerals

Minerals such as copper, iron, potassium, selenium, even beta-glucans are needed in our body for several purposes. Potassium is known for fluid balance, blood pressure maintenance. They also serve as antioxidant helping destroy free radicals that causes oxidative damage to the body. Copper and iron ensure blood cells formation. Both the beta- glucans and minerals are excellent immune booster, feeling your pot to the brim and consuming required amount enables you benefits from mushroom.

5. Combat Anemia

Being a rich source of copper, iron, minerals that promote production of blood. Copper play a greater role as the make red blood cells and aid iron metabolism. Lack of iron might impede functions of hemoglobin which carry oxygen round the body. Anemia causes fatigue, fever but consumption of mushroom is thought to suppress symptoms linked to anemia.

6. Prevent Breast Cancer

This is common among women but eating mushroom can prevent it’s occurrence, thanks to antioxidant and linoleic acids. The antioxidant inhibit spread of cancerous cells by neutralizing free radicals. In addition, the linoleic acids help regulate the estrogen levels thereby reducing susceptibility of breast cancer.

7. Bone Building

Another functions of mushroom is the promotion of healthy bone, this is because of the copper and calcium in mushroom. They also support bone density, decrease appearance of osteoporosis even when we are aged.
Bone maintenance demand regular intake of diet loaded with calcium, copper, so add mushroom into your meals for proper bone development.

8. Healthy Immune System

Mushroom is delicious, it contains numerous minerals, vitamins and phytochemical best for immune boosting. Ergothioneine and selenium are considered as strong antioxidant which neutralise free radicals known for disease causing- factors. Eating mushroom is good, and recommended to be taken – said by the nutritionists.

9. Healthy Skin & Hair

Maintaining ideal blood levels of selenium, polyunsaturated fat, niacin, riboflavin, iron, copper, potassium, and protein pave way for effective bodily functions. For instance, the selenium helps get rid of toxins positioned to cause skin disorder, increase skin elasticity tool. while polyunsaturated fat foster skin hydration and skin care. Protein rich- food promote healthy hair. Evidently, these nutrients are very effective in preventing scalp infection and improvement of hair growth.

10. Maintain Heart Health

Preparing a meal with mushroom earn you a lot of benefits. It is a rich source of antioxidant, a compound that protect you against oxidative damage by inhibiting activities of free radicals. Equally, the linoleic acids in mushroom contributes as well in keeping your heart maintained. Another mineral, potassium required for effective functions of the heart is present in mushroom.


Consuming edible types of mushroom is beneficial to the body. It has abundance of nutrients and natural compounds. Mushroom contributes considerably in promoting human health as it offers various health benefits such as body building, lower blood sugar, prevent anemia, heart health, skin care, etc

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