10 Science- based Health Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper & Nutrition Fact

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Cayenne Pepper ( Capsium Frutesenes) is one of the varieties of capsium annum plant which belongs to the night shade flavouring plant.

The red colored spicy, is characterized with a long thin shaped and burning sensation, even though it add flavor to many dishes, is less expensive.

Cayenne pepper is dried ground into powder form before use for cooking.

Apart from forming major staple ingredients in America dishes, and other countries of the world, it  offers various health benefits; management of diabetes, help maintain heart health, increase metabolic rate, antifungal properties, immune booster, helps boost sexual performance, delay Aging process, may help protect eyesight, maintain hair and skin and prevent cancer.

However, these numerous benefits of spices is associated to capsaicin compound and other nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, manganese and potassium found in reddishpepper.

Nutritional value ( per 100g)

Carbohydrates 54g
Fiber 108% RDA
Vitamin C 128% RDA
Vitamin E 99% RDA
Vitamin A 834% RDA
Niacin 44% RDA
Riboflavin 53% RDA
Vitamin K 100% RDA
Thiamine 23% RDA
Vitamin B6 124% RDA
Magnesium 38% RDA
Potassium 43 RDA
Zinc 17% RDA
Manganese 100% RDA
Iron 42% RDA

10 Science-based Health Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper

1. Management Of Diabetics

Cayenne is very helpful for the prevention and management of diabetics. Several studies have shown that consumption of Cayenne pepper may help regulate and enhance insulin response to blood sugar fluctuations. Most importantly, in the gestational diabetic patients, Cayenne is superb as it contains not just fiber but several nutrients good for insulin secretions. Moreover, regular use of Cayenne pepper can even help for management of diabetics complications such as diabeties neuropathy. It reduce pain and nerves tingling.

2. Help Maintain Heart Health

There are many benefits you can obtain from consuming Cayenne pepper. Cooking with Cayenne pepper particularly, for those suffering heart disease, Cayenne pepper can yield a promising result. It possesses capsaicin, vitamin E, C even some percent of potassium. These enable it to tactically control blood pressure, and cholesterol level. They help by cleaning the blood vessels for ease flow of blood and inhibit fat deposits on the arteries, thus preventing formation of blood clots. However, lowering blood pressure, reducing high cholesterol decreases the risk of heart attack or stroke.

3. Increase Metabolic Rate

Cayenne pepper uses can assist accelerate metabolic rate when eating, owing to the capsaicin compound in it. According to researchers, that capsaicin in Cayenne pepper can facilitate heat production when consumed. In addition, increase body temperature makes it possible for one to burn more calories. Moreover, use of Cayenne pepper also enhance biochemical reactions being filled with both coenzyme and cofactors.

4. Anti-fungal Properties

You can prevents fungal infections; This is because of the antifungal properties which help fight off fungal growth in the body. Recent findings have shown that Cayenne pepper has the potent to eliminate fungal strains such as Candida albicans. So, taking it  helps in all round.

5. Immune booster

Cayenne pepper is also very significant in immune maintenance since it contains vitamin C, iron and beta-carotenoid. The vitamin C helps red blood cells formation, assisting the White blood cells which defend the body against foreign invaders. Vitamin C, Antioxidant also help promote immune system, by combating cold, flu other chronic inflammation in the body.

6. Help Boost Sexual Performance

To improve on sexual performance, Cayenne pepper can be very helpful in stimulating blood flow to the genital areas thereby combating impotent in men. It also stimulate production of nitric oxide which also enhance sexual improvement. You get these benefits by making it one of your food ingredients.

7. Delay Aging Process

Cayenne is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and riboflavin etc,.
Vitamin E, act as antioxidant meaning it can successfully eliminate oxidative damage caused by free radicals. This is generally believed that free radicals accelerate inflammation and premature aging. Combination of these vitamin will contribute effectively towards achieving a healthy skin and longevity.

8. May Help Protect Eyesight

It can play a crucial role in the eyesight. Thanks to the concentration of vitamin A in Cayenne pepper that help in eye functions. Cooking with Cayenne pepper offers you various benefits, reducing symptoms of eye defeat such as cataract, and blindness.

9. Maintain The Hair & Skin

Regular use of Cayenne pepper is recommended for prevention of all symptoms of skin infections including psoriasis, and dark spot since there is abundant vitamins, minerals and antioxidant in it. The vitamin E, C and capsaicin, serve as antioxidant help ward off dangerous free radicals which triggers inflammation. Cayenne may also enhance blood flow to the hair follicles thus minimizing hair loss and scalp infection.

10. Can Prevent Cancer

Contains capsaicin, antioxidant that neutralize toxin known for fighting against cells and tissues. Experiment conducted have shown the that Cayenne pepper has potent to eliminate harmful substance in our body.


It is a healthy spice you need to incorporate in  your meals regularly. There are presence of  important  nutrients and  natural compounds including iron,  vitamin A,  capsaicin among others. It contributes profoundly in overall well-being of the body.

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