10 Amazing Health Benefits avocado Oil

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Avocado oil is derived from the pulp of avocado fruit. It is extensively grown in many part of the world, especially in the tropical regions.

Avocado oil has a buttery taste and is highly nutritious, making it a major staple among people on plant -based diet, as it offers them with abundance of calories.

However, the nutrient packed oil  gain  it popularity simply because the  oil  contains monounsaturated fat (MUFA), polyunsaturated fat(PUFA) and saturated fat. These MUFA and PUFA are healthy form of fat needed for many bodily functions.

Besides, being rich in healthy fat, it also contains vitamins and mineral, even phytochemical.

It is believed that avocado oil high smoking point is the reason why people opt for it over some other vegetable oil.

It power to stay long in high temperature with out deteriorating and losing its nutritional benefits, as well makes avocado oil a nice cooking oil.

Importantly,  they are prepared in different methods depending on what you want to achieve.

In preparing avocado oil for skin care, it requires bleaching and deodorizing, this makes it completely unhealthy for cooking.

In other words, cooking oil is purer and can serve both for cooking and skin care.

Here in this article we will explore the benefits of cooking oil.

Avocado Oil health benefits includes helps boost immune, Hair treatment, improvement of skin, management of diabetics, Helps prevent cancer development, Anti aging, Maintains the eyes and treatment of heart disease, and other benefits are brain maintenance.

10. Amazing Health Benefits Of Avocado Oil

1. Improve immune system

Incorporation of avocado oil in your dishes, means given strength to the body’s immune system. Immune system keep the body protected and stronger to fight pathogens. When you taken avocado, it simply promote and reduce viruse, bacteria since it possess antioxidant, which is known for it inhibition effect. Moreover, you stance chances of getting vitamin E  and vitamin A – a precursor of caroteneoid. Expert often advise use of these vitamins due to it prominence for immune system.

2. Treat Heart Disease

Heart disease is a life threatening disease all over the world. Reducing it effect is absolutely depend on the life style changes, dietary modification; have always been emphasized, since there are no side effect, unlike the conventional medicine. Monounsaturated fat is a healthy fat use to manage heart disease, promote longevity, reduce obstruction, or build up on the inner walls of the arteries thus preventing coronary heart disease. Hence, using avocado offers you this healthy fat.

3. Maintains The Eye

Avocado is a rich source of lutein, a phytochemicals know for improvement of the eye functions. Some research suggested that it offers similar effect on the health of the eye just like caroteneoid (vitamin A).

4. Anti Aging

Prevention of cell damage, degeneration of organ and development of cancer can be minimized by the use of avocado oil. This is because of the antioxidant properties found in it. It slow the progress of free radicals which can cause quick aging.

5. Helps prevent Cancer Development

Avocado oil has been found to be advantageous for prevention of cancer. It is a rich source of phytosterol, antioxidant which is well known for inhibiting growth of cancer, especially prostate cancer. Using avocado oil regularly will not just eliminate cancer growth but also improve overall well-being.

6. Management of Diabetics

Avocado oil has monounsaturate fat that are believed to be very effective at regulating blood sugar level and the healthy secretion of insulin. It can serve as an alternative oil for the diabetic patients. It also contain some amount of omega-3-fatty acid, and omega-6-fatty, that cannot be produced in the body.

7. Improvement of Skin

Avocado oil is very useful for skin improvement, when applied directly on the skin. This is associated with vitamin E and vitamin A. They enhance moisturizerisation of the skin, protect against the effect of ultraviolet rays and eczema. It also work as anti inflammation may help eliminate inflammation and burns, blemish, dark spot and pimples.

8. Hair Care

Many use avocado oil because it can improve health of the hair when used.
It help eliminate or reduce hair loss and scalp infection, as well as increasing hair growth.

9. Improve Performance Of Brain

Monounsaturatad and polysaturated fatty acids are helpful in teams of Brain maintenance.

Avocado oil is beneficial, but must be taken moderately. Always opt for well process avocado oil. Its better mixing with a carrier oil prior to application directly on the skin.

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