10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits Of Ogbono seed

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10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits Of Ogbono seed

Ogbono (lrvinga gabonensis) is also known as Africa bush mangos, and ogbono is among the soup thickener predominantly consumed in area where it is cultivated.

It is greenish in color while the mesocarp is yellowish in color with the seed in the center.

However, this spherical shaped fruit, can be eaten in different ways; it can be eaten as fresh fruit or the sweet pulp can be juiced.

The seed is dried, processed, ground and use for soup preparation.

According to, Sulaimon, et.,al (2015) that the leaves and bark extract of ogbono has tremendous antidiabetic properties.

It goes with different soup for instance, ogbono with Uziza leave, ugu leave, egusi and vegetable.

Ogbono is commonly grown in tropical region of the world, such as Nigeria, Uganda, cote d’lrvo ,DR Congo, Congo etc.

It has different name base on the geographic area where it is cultivated. The Igbo call it ugiri or ogbono, biri goron goronor by the hause, ogwi by the Benin, Apon by the Yoruba, and mbukpabuya by the Ibibio and Efik.

Ogbono is enrich with numerous nutrients and phytochemicals such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

There is no doubt that ogbono is naturally endowed or filled with medicinal benefits and other culinary purpose.

Ogbono health benefits includes helps in body building, immune booster, helps in digestion, help on diabetics management, may prevent constipation, function as antibacterial and antifungal properties, may prevent cancer,

Nutritional value (100g)
Vitamin C

10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits Of Ogbono

1. Good For body building

It has be proven by many researchers that ogbono contains numerous amino acid than other soup thickener.
Ogbono is very valuable in terms of body building, this is associated with high concentration of protein in it. Protein is one of the essential nutrients required for structural development, repair of warn-out tissues and growth. However, studies conducted on ogbono shows that it has numerous amino acids, which is very essential in DNA and RNA functions (Gene). So making it one of your soup thickener would help you in the body building.

2. Boost Immune system

Immune system is like soldiers that protect us from foreign bodies, it defend and keep you away from infection. Consequently, one whose immune is compromised would be predisposed to many disease. Thanks to surprising nutrients in ogbono, that can contribute greatly in immune maintenance. For example, Vitamins C, Vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron . When you incorporate it in your meal preparation, guess what happens, a
strong immune system.

3. Aid digestion

Digestion could be seem as the breaking down of large insoluble food molecules into smaller soluble watery form that can enter the blood plasma through the villi of the small intestine. Starting from the mouth to the small intestine, where digestion occurs, different enzymes are involved in breaking down food molecules, such as salivary gland, Amylase, peptidase and lipase. Peptidase is a components of protein, which is found in ogbono. Therefore, add ogbono as one of your food ingredients, and have an improved digestive system.

4. Prevent constipation

This makes it difficult for one to pass out stool or faeces easily, most time when neglected could lead to complications. Ogbono is filled with dietary fiber. Dietary fiber plays a very important role in maintaining gastrointestinal tracks. It add bulk to our bowel as well as enhancing bowel movement.

5. Diabetics management

It is also use in preparing a diabetic meal, but often advised by nutritionist to taken in a calculated amount, especially when this underlying complications. Slowing down the rate of glucose absorption into the blood stream is attributed to the dietary fiber contains in it.

6. Anti bacterial and anti fungal properties

Ogbono can as well be helpful at destroying the appearance of bacteria, fungi and viral growth in the human body, when consumed adequately. Some research conducted shows that Ogbono leaves extract contains appreciable percent of antibacterial and fungal properties which are capable of eradicating pathogenic growth in the body.

7. May prevent Cancer

No doubt cancer is one of the life threatening disease that has claim many lives worldwide, which requires adequate medication and dietary management. Another importance of ogbono, is it capacity to inhibit abnormal growth and toxic substance formations in human body. It is endowed with phytochemicals. Phytochemicals neutralize toxic substances or Free radicals capable of speeding up abnormal growth. This amazing benefits of ogbono can only be got when you make it one of your food choices.

8. Support Bone development

Consumption of ogbono is observed to improve bone development owing to the presence of calcium, vitamin C, and magnesium in ogbono. These nutrients are responsible for bone strengthening and building.

9. May regulate blood pressure

High blood pressure is a health problem that has claimed many life worldwide. Research has shown that the best approach to high blood pressure is the use of dietary modifications and drugs in case of severity. However, Dietitian often advised use of foods rich in potassium and magnesium. Importantly, findings have proven that Ogbono contains potassium and magnesium. These mineral are electrolyte that contributes immensely at blood pressure moderation.

10. Good For Skin And hair Care

Ogbono contains some percent of protein which help improve your skin and hair care. Applying it as your soup thinner is recommended not just for skin or hair but for general well-being.

Ogbono is a soup thinner, used for preparing different kinds of traditional foods in the west Africa countries precisely in Nigeria.

However, ogbono has been used for thousands of years ago due to it innumerable health benefits.

10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits Of Ogbono seed

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