10 Impressive Health Benefits Of Negro Pepper( Uda seed)

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Negro pepper (uda seed) is a seed that can be used as condiment or as pepper for cooking.

It is Used widely for flavoring different dishes such as stew, sauce and soup.

Negro pepper is botanically known as xylopia aethiopica, and belongs to the family of Annonaceae.

It is called uda in the eastern Nigeria while eerualamo in the Western Nigeria.

Uda seeds or negro pepper are extensively cultivated in West Africa, where they’re used for medicine and culinary purpose.

Presently, negro pepper is grown in South America, and Brazil, as a result of it unmatched significant in the human body.

The evergreen tree, grows about 16 – 30 meters tall, with the trunk up to 50 – 60 cm wide and bears pods that grows in cluster, just like the way a bunch of banana grows.

The seeds are found inside the pods, each is ranged from 5 – 8 flat seeds.

This aromatic spice, is sun-dried with the pods which often smoked and produced a smoky taste. The seeds are crunched before using as spice.

Negro pepper has bitter taste and very pungent aroma. Nonetheless, the seeds, bark, stems and leaves are used to spice up meal as well as medicinal purposes.

However, negro pepper Contains vitamin A, C, E, copper, zinc, protein, fiber and natural compounds, flavanoid, alkaloids, saponin, glycosides, alpha- terpineol, Beta- caryophyllene, limonene, linalool.

Negro pepper health benefits include helping combat skin disorder, reduce cholesterol level, treat arthritis and rheumatism, gastrointestinal track, respiratory problems, anti maria, stomach pain, postpartum tonic, may prevent cancer, and menstrual flow.

10 Impressive Health Benefits Of Negro pepper

1. Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is needed in the body, and must be within normal range; excess of it predisposes one to health attack or stroke. To effectively reduce cholesterol, foods with great potential for inhibiting full absorption of cholesterol levels must be taken. Intake of negro pepper is very amazing in reducing cholesterol, as it possesses notable phytochemical such phytosterol, and alkaloids. These compounds are very vital for lowering cholesterol and gives you ideal solution to blood flow. Fiber is also said to have be found in negro pepper, which can as well reduce full absorption of cholesterol. Evident report suggests that application of uda or negro pepper helps reduce cholesterol levels.

2. Treat Arthritis & Rheumatism

Using negro pepper either as medicine or cooking with it can efficiently treat joint pains, muscles pains, swelling, gout, redness and pains. It is well-known fact that Inflammation accelerate these disorder. Uda or negro pepper has anti-inflammatory properties, that helps reduce inflammation. Negro pepper has similar characteristics with pains killer drugs since there is analgesic properties found in it.

3. Negro Pepper Combat Skin Disorder

Use of crushed negro pepper on the skin helps cure skin disorder. Negro pepper contains antimicrobial properties, helping fight off bacteria, and viral infections on the skin. It also detoxifies the skin from free radicals which promote skin disorder. People applies negro pepper on boils, skin eruption, and itches to foster healing process.

4. Maintain Gastrointestinal track

Negro pepper play a very significant role in maintaining the intestine and stomach. Bacteria invasion is among the causes of dysentery in the gastrointestinal track. You eliminate these bacteria by consuming negro pepper, because of it antibacterial properties. It maintains the microflora, ensuring healthy gut and kill off dangerous bacteria growth in the gastrointestinal track

5. Respiratory problems

Negro pepper has properties such as antimicrobial properties. Science has described bacteria and viral infection as the causes of respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma and cough. Possessing antimicrobial properties means it has potent to destroy harmful bacteria and viral infection in the lungs and bronchi. Negro pepper helps open up the nasal cavity, expectorant mucus and phlegm in order to enhance a healthy respiratory system.

6. Anti- malaria

Can be used to treat malaria as it contains anti malaria properties. It serve as home remedy for malaria treatment, and symptoms associated with malaria.

7. Prevent Cancer

Negro pepper helps prevent cancer growth in the body, housing flavanoid, terpene, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Negro pepper inhibit gene mutation, neutralize oxidative damage that can negatively affect cells. It function does not limit to reduction of inflammation but also assist in preventing certain kinds of cancer such as breast cancer, colon cancer and ovarian cancer.

8. Improve Menstrual Flow

Menstruation is a common problem among women, many women have adapted several approach to suppress it, even though some applies conventional medicine to reduce it pains, rather than using natural source. Some studies indicate that negro pepper or uda seeds have potential in treating menstrual issues. Though much more research is needed to ascertain negro pepper capacity for promotion of menstrual flow. Traditionally, the dried seeds of negro pepper is used to prepare medicine to speed up menstrual flow as well as treating amenrrohea.

9. Stomach Pain

Negro pepper possesses analgesic properties, which helps relieves pains. People are often given uda seeds or negro pepper to cure stomach pain.

10. Postpartum Tonic

Uda seeds or negro pepper is very advantageous in women after child birth. Negro pepper is among ingredients use for cooking foods, and believed to help maintain the womb after delivering. It is used as natural home remedy for post-natal women.

Not to be taken by pregnant women and expectant mother. Always consult a physician or dietitian prior to use, avoid self medication.

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