7 Reason Why You Should Eat Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice obtained from inner bark of cinnamon tree.

After cutting the cinnamon stem,and allowed to dried, form a strips which curl into a stick form.

This cinnamon stick is subsequently transform into powder form. Cinnamon is of different types, for example Ceylon and cassia.

Expert says the unique smell and flavor of cinnamon is linked to the natural compound in it called Cinnamaldehyde.

It  originated from South American, and use as a culinary as well as medicinal purposes (1) .

Cinnamon has long be used by the ancient Egyptian doctors to manage various disease such as coughing, arthritis, gastrointestinal issues and among others; even also use in the Chinese medicine.

Similarly,  researchers confirms cinnamon as antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory agent (2)  .

Health benefits include; Minimize aging process, reduce inflammation, management of diabetics, may reduce heart attack, Boost immune system and can prevent infection.

 7 Reason Why You Should Eat Cinnamon

1. Minimize Aging Process

It is generally believed that poor health, exercise, stress and bad diet contribute to quick aging in humans.

However, natural foods have remain the best option for improvement of health.

Cinnamon is a natural spice filled with nutrients and natural compound believed to be effective in prevention and maintenance of the body so as to reduce aging process.

By inhibiting oxidative stress known to impact negatively on the body, help reduce quick aging on the body.

Hence regular consumption of cinnamon offers you a beneficial antioxidant which aid in scrapping out toxins and symptoms of aging.

2. Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation can impact negatively on the brain, and nervous system even circulatory system. The degeneration of tissues in the brain may lead to  Alzheimer  and Parkinson’s disease, while on the blood vessels can increase swollen or blockages of the blood vessels.

It is  found to have an important compound very effective for reduction of neuroinflammation.

This antioxidant, polyphenol is believed to play a crucial role in combating inflammation and reduce further complications.

In addition, incorporating cinnamon as a natural foods is not just it prevent muscle pain, joint pain, swollen and stiffness among others but ensure longevity and overall health.

3. Management Of Diabetics

Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates, calories and insulin insensitivity have been proven as a main causes of high blood sugar level in the body.

Persistent increase on this disorderliness contribute to Type II diabetics. However, controlling this conditions requires eating adequately.

Cinnamon can be helpful in regulating blood sugar level even reduce insulin resistance.

When you cook with cinnamon, it means you’re at the same time reviving the receptors cells at the liver, muscle cells and adipose cells thereby preventing insulin resistance, and maintaining blood sugar level.

4. May Reduce Heart Attack

Heart disease has been discovered as the major killer all over the world, especially in the English-speaking countries.

This is as a result of life style and dietary intake, cinnamon holds a numerous natural benefits.

It helps reduce concentration of fat on the blood, a predisposing factor to heart related disease.

Application of cinnamon can effectively reduce chance of developing heart disease.

5. Boost Immune System

Cinnamon is superb for boosting immune system when consumed. The various properties mentioned have been proven to promote immune system.

Minimizing inflammation is a great steps towards achieving improved immune system.

6. Prevent Cancer

Cancer may developed when gene functions is uttered by oxidative stress. This can lead to gene mutation, promote likelihood of cancer development.

Hence, it is important to effectively inhibit formation of oxidative stress and inflammation so as to keep the body free from cancer.

It has been revealed that Cinnamon’s content can negatively impact on cancer causing agent, thus presenting a healthy state.

7. Prevent Infections

It works as antifungal antimicrobial and Anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it can profoundly reduce infections and symptoms associated to it.

The compound cinnamaldehyde, in cinnamon can smartly decrease bacteria, and fungal invasion.

By so doing, those bacteria (salmonella) and fungal causing infection will be kept at bay. Moreover, you can only benefits from these when you eat meal cook with cinnamon.

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