11 Dietary Remedies For Alzheimer’s Disease & Food To Avoid

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Alzheimer’s disease is an inability of neuron in the brain to communicate effectively, leading to loss of memory, thinking, learning, and unpredictable behavior.

Consequently, Alzheimer’s disease often start from where memories are form and eventually spread to other parts of the brain.

Presently, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but scientists revealed that it can be prevented and managed with medications, adequate diet and lifestyle changes.

However, Alzheimer’s disease is believed to cause by plaques and tangles in the nerve cells (1 ) , which slow down ideal communication of the neurons in the brain, reducing its primary functions.

In the united States, available records shows Alzheimer’s disease as the sixth leading causes of death (2) .

It is more pronounced among those of 65 and older, even though people whose parents, brother, and family suffers Alzheimer’s disease are more prone it.

Furthermore, this irreversible disease, may also appear between the age of 30, nevertheless it is not common.

This article will explore, 11 dietary remedies for Alzheimer’s disease & food to avoid.

1. Good Diet

To minimize harmful of effect of Alzheimer’s disease, nutritionists emphasize on regular consumption of healthy foods including fruit and nuts.

Taking fruits like Berry, which is historically known for combating free radicals in human body, owing to the antioxidant present in Berry.

Several studies conducted have shown that Alzheimer’s disease is formed by plaques and tangles which obstruct normal communication of the nerve cells or neurons in the brain, leading to memory loss.

Importantly, scientists have demonstrated that antioxidant helps open up and neutralize free radicals in order to hence effective functions of the brain.

In the same vein, nuts specifically walnut contains omega-3- fatty acid, which contributes profoundly in brain maintenance.

Incorporating these nutrients into your daily meals will not only promote brain health but accelerate overall well being of the body.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D  is obtained via sunshine and support in brain maintenance. Neurodegenerative disorder is a symptoms of brain disorder and it can be prevented with regular exposure to sunshine.

3. exercise

You can improve your physical and mental state by embarking in regular healthy exercise.

Exercise does not only limit to good shape but speed up your brain health. 150 minutes of exercise is recommended every week, to elevate brain performance.

When you do exercise good or happy chemicals is release which impact immensely in the brain.

4. Mental workout

Participating in mental exercise is believed to improve your mental performance and reduce factors triggering Alzheimer’s disease.

Some studies revealed that regular mental workout can be very helpful in curbing symptoms linked to it.

5. Shun Tobacco

Putting an end to smoking can dramatically reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease as it helps keep your cardiovascular health functioning, thus optimizing your blood circulation to the entire body and brain.

Sufficient supply of blood to the brain offers you with reasonable amounts of oxygen which enables it to function properly.

6. Vitamin B, D, And E

Vitamins have been associated with prevention of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia development in our body.

Research has proven that B vitamins can contribute in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

These vitamins can be obtained through supplement or consuming foods enriched with vitamins.

7. Vegetable oil

Coconut oil  is one of the brain food because of the ketone present in it.

Coconut oil is thought to significantly improve nerve cells performance and brain health.

Taking it frequently will help keep your brain active and reduce memory loss.

8. Lean protein

Taking lean protein foods can also help in management of Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, opt for lean proteineous food, if you’re suffering from it.

9. Low fat dairy

Use of low fat dairy products have been associated with lowering symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Generally, abnormal cholesterol levels obstruct many functions of the body. Therefore, intake of low fat dairy products is recommended, to keep you healthy all day.

10. Plenty of Water

Consuming plenty of  water   daily is required for maintenance of your memory. Always, take at least 5- 8 glasses of water daily to mitigate the effect .

11. Whole grains

Whole grains are rich source of vitamins and minerals which are very essential in maintaining your memory especially, those that contain omega- 3- Fatty acids, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin D, potassium among others.

Things to avoid:
*Saturated fat
*Fatty meat
*Limit sugar
*Limit salt
*Limit fried foods

It disorganise the neurons in the brain and characterized with numerous symptoms.

However, research is going on to ascertain the cure for Alzheimer’s disease but presently  it can be managed with adequate diet, medication as well as lifestyle changes.

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