11 Shocking Health Benefits Of Cocoa powder For Your Body

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Cocoa powder is produced from the cacao beans after an intensive extraction.

Cacao beans comes from the cacao tree, Theobroma cacao tree, which grows about 10 -26 feet tall and thrives mostly in the tropical regions of the world, particularly in west African.

The cacao tree featured a fruit like-pod, that contains a sweet pulp with numerous seeds of cacao.

Interestedly, it  is widely used in many continent, not just for weight reduction, cardiovascular problems, but for overall well- being since it has low- fat, and no sugar content.

In many industries, it is  used mainly in production of  cocoa-based  products like ice cream,  drinks and many others.

Furthermore, it is filled with nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and natural compound – polyphenols, flavanoid.

Health benefits include: Maintains blood pressure, help maintains the brain, cholesterol, help manage diabetes, Treat respiratory diseases, heart health, act as anti- depressant, skin care, Help prevent cancer, constipation, obesity.

11 Shocking Health Benefits Of Cocoa Powder

1. Maintains Blood Pressure

If you are suffering high blood pressure, cocoa powder can be very helpful as it moderately dilate the blood vessels.

The primary antioxidant in cocoa beans is flavanoid, this helps maintain and optimized veins and blood vessels.

Cocoa powder when consumed, stimulate the release of nitric oxide which impact positively on blood vessels.

Although, there are kind of cocoa powder that may negatively affect blood pressure such as black tea. It is often advised to shun self medication and consult a dietitians for expert purposes.

2. Help Maintains The Brain

Brain is vital and needs care. One of the ways of improving it is by eating rightly.

It helps maintain a healthy brain by increasing the neuroprotective benefits in order to promote a healthy brain function.

Hence, taking moderate cocoa powder helps reduce memory loss and increase competency.

Cocoa powder could have side effect such as sleepiness, and frequent urination, if consumed excessively (1) .

3. Maintain Cholesterol levels

Cocoa powder can be added into your dietary plan, it has low fat and no sugar.

However, findings have shown that cocoa powder has a lowering effect on bad cholesterol levels, triglycerides, blood glucose levels, though slightly increase high density lipoprotein (HDL).

Lastly, moderate consumption of plant- based food helps reduce your chance of heart disease.

4. Help Manage Diabetics

Diabetes is a chronic disease that sometimes present with complications.

Use of food with low glycemic index, hypolipidemia have been a normal routine for management of diabetics.

Cocoa powder has a very low glycemic index and hypolipidemia, these will help regulate blood glucose levels.

5. Treat respiratory system

Regardless of its pod- like nature, it is  very valuable in treatment of asthma, and bronchitis.

With phytochemical such alkaloids, flavanoid and xanthine present in cocoa powder are good in combating bronchial spasms, bronchial tube and accelerate opening of the airways.

Paving way for healthy breathing and inhibit shortness of breath- asthma.

6. Reduce obesity

Some studies conducted have suggested that cocoa if taking moderately may regulate lipid metabolism to reduce formation of fatty acid.

In the same vein, cocoa powder, if eating adequately stimulate heat production, leading to reduction and break down of fat in the liver and adipose tissues.

This process facilitate weight loss — reduce obesity.

7. Improve Heart Health

As mentioned early, obstruction of the blood vessels and arteries gives rise to atherosclerosis.

It prevents blocking of blood vessels and arteries due to it protective antioxidant.

This is possible by getting rid of those obstruction on the blood vessels. It’s function does not limit on vessels, it ensure general well-being of the heart.

8. Prevent Cancer

Several studies have proven that antioxidant present in cocoa powder, is very potent in inhibiting cancerous cells.

Flavanoid, an antioxidant capable of preventing gene mutation, by neutralizing free radicals that cause oxidative damage and increase risk of cancer like colon and prostate cancer.

9. Anti -depressant

Are you often depressed? You find it difficulty to organise your self after been stress out, don’t border, cocoa powder is quite amazing as it influence your brain positively.

Consumption of cocoa powder is believed to have a significant effect on brain since it modulate important hormones for mood such as corticosteroid.

Scientists have affirm that it has a promising effect on mood when used.

10. Cure constipation

You can also benefits from consuming cocoa- based products. They help soften stool, enhance bowel movement and reduce gastrointestinal discomfort.

11. Skin Care

In terms of skin care, cocoa powder is quite advantageous as it possesses a plethora of essential nutrients known for skin care.

The presence of antioxidant in it helps eradicate factors responsible for skin disorder.

Additionally, it reduce growth of pathogens in the body,  thus keeping skin diseases at bay.

Cocoa powder is packed with important nutrients which is obtained from cocoa beans through intensive extraction.

It offers a lot of health benefits including skin care, blood pressure, respiratory disease, brain boosting, cholesterol and many others.

These benefits are associated with the nutrients and bioactive compounds found in it

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