15 Turkish Popular food & Health Benefits

Turkish dishes are superb, don’t be surprised that it is gaining popularity in both Asian and non Asian countries.

Turkish foods are influenced by their cultural heritage. It is made by mixture of different ingredients including meat, vegetables, spices
among others.

However, Turkish foods you can commonly eat from Turkish restaurants include; Kebabs, Pide Lahmacun, Menemen, Baklava,Simit.

Turkish foods contribute immensely in many bodily functions, therefore opt for Turkish foods when you visit any Turkish restaurants around.

Let’s explore 15 Turkish Popular food & Health Benefits

1. Kebabs

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If you’re in the cities of Turkey and you have not taste kebab, there are special nutrients and antioxidant you are missing. Kebab contains protein, dietary fiber, iron, B vitamins among others.
The traditional dish is of different types such as döner kebab, shish kebab, and köfte.

2. Baklava

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Baklava is a popular food in Turkey, made from flour, pistachios or walnuts and sweetened with honey.

3. Meze

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Meze is used as an appetizer in Turkish cuisine. It’s healthy and flavorful. Meze is typically eaten with drinks. Though, there are other forms of meze such as tabbouleh, hummus and cacık.

4. Lahmacun

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A Turkish pizza consists of minced meat, vegetables, spices and herbs. The dough may serve as breakfast, lunch and dinner, just be sure you eat one that are properly prepared.

5. Pide

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A popular dish in the Turkish cuisine that is made from cheese, meat, vegetables, and egg.

The boat-shaped flatbread is such a delicious and nutritious meal. Despite the fact it is sold in Turkish restaurants at very cheap prices, pide contains antioxidant, protein, vitamin B12, iron, selenium, copper, magnesium, carbohydrates zinc as well as dietary fibre.

6. Menemen

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A popular Turkish breakfast dish made with scrambled eggs, tomatoes, green peppers, and spices.

7. Manti

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This is a staple food in Turkey, consists of dumpling filled with ground beef or lamb. It is very enjoyable when consumed with yogurt, and garlic.

8. Simit

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A popular Turkish breakfast or snack. It goes well with soft drinks. Simit comprises of bread, and sesame seeds.

9. Turkish tea and coffee

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Tea (çay) is a traditional beverage in Turkey and is often served in small glasses. It has a friendly aroma and made in a reserved pot.

10. Iskender kebab

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Iskender kebab is not a popular food in Turkey, it is a delicious and nutrient-dense food. It houses a lot of ingredients like döner kebab meat, bread, tomatoes sauce, melted butter and yogurt that make its good for our body.

11. Börek

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This is a popular pie in Turkey cuisine. It consists of minced meat, vegetables, flour and spices. It is often served with Turkish tea.

12. Pilav

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Be sure you eat pilav when you visit Turkey. Pilav is a delicious meal consists of rice spices and vegetables.

13. Köfte

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Köfte is refers as meat balls, though made from combination of lamb or beef, spices, and vegetables to enhence it flavor, nutrients content.

14. Dolma

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A delicious Turkish foods you wouldn’t want to ignore. Dolma is tasty and nutrient-dense.

15. Saksuka

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Another delicious meal most try in Turkish restaurants is saksuka. It is made by mixture of tomatoes, chilli, green beans, artichokes and of course, eggplants.

Turkish popular food Health Impacts

Increases immune system: Recent study has shown that regular consumption of Turkish foods Increases immune system, this is a result of the essential nutrients and phytochemicals found in the ingredients used in cooking Turkish foods like garlic, chicken, turmeric, saffron, vegetables, rice, wheat among others.

May prevent inflammation: you can easily stop progression of inflammation with daily consumption of Turkish foods since they possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Improve bone Health: In terms of bone health, Turkish foods have potent to improve bone strength. Thanks to the presence of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, phosphorus as they work together to improve bone health and stop progression of bone disease.

May prevent cancer developments: A study has suggested that spices and vegetables found in Turkish foods may inhibit development of cancer. For example, garlic, ginger, cloves, saffron, turmeric, cabbage, pepper ,tomatoes to name a few.

Maintain  Heart Health: They are good sources of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, antioxidant that can reduce build up or plaques in the walls of arteries which in turn promote normal blood pressure.

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There is no doubt Turkish foods are delicious and contributes to many bodily functions.

15 Turkish popular Turkish food & Health Benefits include dolma, Saksuka, Börek, Pilav to name a few.


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