What Are The Health Benefits Of Chicken

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Chicken is one of the most predominant and widespread domestic animal, with a lot of nutrients like ,calcium, potassium, vitamin B12, vitamin K among others.

This white meat and protein of animal origin,  is recommended by dietitians to be taken, especially the breast part of it for patients with high blood pressure and cholesterol due to some nutrients content in chicken may  decrease  chances Of you developing high blood pressure and cholesterol.

At least 1-4 serving of chicken per week gives you different kinds of vitamin and minerals. Chicken has numerous  method of preparation and uses.

In fact, chicken can serve as an alternative meat for overweight or obese people as it contains low calories and fat.

Health benefits of chicken include, helping prevent anaemia, Boost brain, protect eyesight, Boost immune system, maintains cardiovascular health, Can prevent bone problem, Weight loss,

Nutritional value of chicken
Calcium 11mg, potassium 189mg, phosphorus 147mg, folate 11mg, Riboflavin 12mg, sodium 70mg, Vitamin A 11mg Vitamins B12mg, Vitamin C 8mg, Vitamin D11mg, Vitamin E, zinc 5mg etc.

What Are The  Health Benefits Of Chicken

1. Prevent Bone problem 

Regular consumption of chicken helps prevent bone disorder , thanks to the concentration of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D. Lack of these nutrients, especially calcium contribute to disease called rickate or osteoporosis, which can negatively affect the optimum function of the bone and teeth. Scientists have shown  that calcium helps improves and strength bone, teeth, which is found in chicken. Bone support the body structure, protect our vital organs and allow us to move around as well . The presence of phosphorus can be helpful too, as it reduce factors contributing to bone fracture and teeth decay.

2. Weight loss

Chicken can also be useful in maintaining body weight as it do not contain high amount of fat and calories – a key factor contributing over weight. Incorporating 1-3 serving portions of chicken per week may reduce over weight and give you a nice shape.


Minerals and vitamins found in chicken assist at enhancing cells and tissues development. Lack of these nutrients lead to abnormalities such as swollen lips, peeling, inflammation, skin disorder dark spot on the eyes could indicate deficiency of Vitamin A. Thus, regular consumption of chicken helps improve and promote growth of cells and tissues effectively.


Cardiovascular problem like heart attack, stroke, hypertension, cholesterol, can be reduced by adequate intake of chicken. You can get potassium, magnesium and other vitamins, which are helpful at removing build up on the arteries so as to enhance proper circulation of blood, maintaining blood pressure as well as a healthy heart. It has been proven by scientists that chicken has little percent of fat compare to other fat of animal origin. Nutritionists recommend calculated amount to be taken.


Chicken helps Protect and maintains the eyes because of it’s constituents. It is packed with Vitamin A. A key nutrients that enhances the overall health of your eyes. Frequent consumption of chicken is not limited to prevention of night blindness, but also cleans the eye against cataract, muscular degeneration. So, incorporating it in your meals helps improve your eyes as well as ensuring a healthy eyesight .


Brain regulate most of the activities of the body, coordinating and processing all the information from sense organ, digest it and produce results that are sent to the rest of the body. Anxiety, memory loss could be signs and symptoms that you’re deprived certain nutrients such as B Vitamins and essential fatty acids . Chicken is loaded with B vitamins as well as essential fatty acids . Boosting of brain capacity, prevention of memory loss, mental disorder are attributed to the presence of B vitamins in chicken and essential fatty acids . According to nutritionists regular consumption of chicken in calculated amount do not only improve concentration in children and adults but also slow aging- related symptoms.


Immune defend the body against unwanted disease. It requires optimum amount of nutrients such as potassium, iron, vitamin B12, magnesium to function effectively. You get these nutrients by consuming chicken often . When you consume them according to recommended dietary guideline, helps strengthen cells in your immune system. Warding off toxins are successful when immune system is boosted.


Anemia appears when there is deficiency of red blood cells in the body. It makes you feel tired, yellowish skin, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, headache, chest pain, and dizziness. A portion serving of chicken gives a lot of minerals such as iron, a major mineral for blood production. Vitamin A, B,E ,and vitamin K, found in chicken are also linked to formation of red blood cells. However, an adequate supply of iron and vitamin B12 are known for synthesis of red blood cells hence , preventing risk of anaemia.



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