Health Benefits & Nutrition of Tuwon shinkafa

Tuwon shinkafa is a healthy meal made from rice flour which offers calories and micronutrients to the body when consumed.

Tuwon shinkafa is extensively eaten in the Northern part of Nigeria, because of its admirable appearance and health benefits.

It is one of the major staple food prepared and served during wedding ceremony, festival, birthday party,  and funeral in the Northern, Nigeria.

Whether you eat Tuwon shinkafa soups, Miyan Kubewa, Miyan Kuka, or Miyan Taushe, it contributes considerably in many bodily functions.

Nutritional value of Tuwon shinkafa (100g)
Calories 130
Carbohydrate 28.7 grams (g)
Protein 2.36 g
Fat 0.19 g
Manganese 16% DV
Niacin 3% DV
Thiamin 2% DV
Selenium DV
Magnesium 2% DV

Health benefits & Nutrition of tuwon shinkafa

1. Complex carbohydrates

Tuwon shinkafa is loaded with complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber as well as other nutrients. It participates in numerous works in the body, ranging from slowing down glucose absorption, delaying onset of hunger, maintaining gut health, energy generation as well.
Therefore, incorporating tuwon shinkafa in your meal plan might significantly improve your overall well-being.

2. Heart health

High cholesterol in the body is one of the risk factors of heart disease. Eaten food rich in dietary fiber has been reported to decrease full absorption of cholesterol in the blood stream as fiber sticks to fat and reduces it presence in the blood.

Apart from dietary fiber, tuwon shinkafa contains magnesium, potassium as well antioxidant. These food components are responsible for regulating blood pressure.

3. Immune system
Immune system performances numerous duties in the body, scrapping out opportunistic diseases, and fostering growth are role of immune system.

Taken a cup of tuwon shinkafa earn you different nutrients including, protein, niacin, thiamin, selenium, and vitamin B2, which enables our body technically eliminate dangerous diseases.

4. May maintain blood pressure

In blood pressure regulation, magnesium, potassium, fiber, natural compounds are very essential.

Antioxidant, natural compounds are responsible for inhibiting development of oxidative stress, which increases risk of heart-related diseases.

Several studies have depicted that intake of potassium and magnesium can help optimize your blood pressure.

5. Maintain gut health

In terms of gut health, tuwon shinkafa aid in boosting overall well-being of digestive tract. Though,  it contains insoluble fiber. It is easy to digest.

Tuwon shinkafa bind with toxins and moves it  alongside with stool out of the  body via the digestive system, even also help boost beneficial bacteria.

6. Promote metabolism

Another benefit of tuwon shinkafa is Metabolism owing to the presence of vitamin and minerals found in it.

Remember, that vitamin like thiamine, and niacin participates in biochemical process in the body.

7. Promote growth

Long term food deprivation lead to stunts. However, adequate consumption of tuwon shinkafa promote growth, especially in children and adolescent.

As a major staple food across the globe, it provides our body nutrients needed for growth and overall well-being.

8. Blood cholesterol
Tuwon shinkafa is an excellent source of dietary fiber, and selenium which help lower cholesterol levels.
Dietary fiber is thought to reduce absorption of cholesterol in the body since it bind with fat in the colon, eliminate it via defecation.

Hence, incorporating dietary fiber rich-food will help improve your cholesterol levels and reduce your chances of developing heart-related diseases .(1) ..

9. May Prevent Colon Cancer
It also plays an important role in the colon because of the dietary fibre found in it. Antioxidant is known for stopping oxidative damage, this makes it easier for the body to over come gene mutation .(2).

10 support blood formation
Eaten tuwon shinkafa with soup may help improve your blood volume. It contains vitamins and minerals capable of promoting blood formation.

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There is no doubt eaten tuwon shinkafa provide general well-being of the body.

It contains a generous amount of nutrients such as selenium, vitamin C, vitamin B3, niacin, magnesium among others.

Health benefits & Nutrition of tuwon shinkafa include: blood pressure regulation, growth, blood cholesterol, colon cancer prevention and metabolism.

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