Is red meat good or bad for heart health

Is red meat good or bad for heart health

Red meat may be your greatest enemy if you are prone to heart-related diseases, because of the high saturated fat content found in it.

Red meat is that kind of meat obtained from beef, pork, lamb, venison among others which provides nutrients such as protein, saturated fat, vitamin B12  zinc, and iron

It is called red meat because it appears red when it is raw. Despite some key nutrients red meat has, there are still disadvantages of adding red meat into your meal if you’re prone to heart related diseases.

Whether proccessed or unprocessed, research has linked high consumption of red meat to a risk factor of heart diseases.

Processed meats is that meat which has passed various processing methods such as curing, smoking. Whereas unprocessed meat are not processed, smoked and cured though they are processed to some extent.

This article will explore reasons why red meat is good or bad for heart health

High saturated fat content

Red meat has key nutrients for many bodily functions.  However, it may trigger heart-related diseases.

Red meat is an excellent source of saturated fat, which enables our body produce more of low density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) than high density lipoprotein good cholesterol).

Low density lipoprotein(bad cholesterol) has been associated with heart-related diseases. This occurs when the body form more of bad cholesterol than required amounts.

Recent studies have shown that eating about 150mg of proccessed meat per week can greatly increase risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer(1).

Another studies conducted revealed that consumption of unprocessed meat predisposes human to cardiovascular disease as it boost bad cholesterol, a leading risk factor of heart issues.(2).

High Sodium content

Another challenging issue in processed meats is the presence of high salt profile. It is believed that excessive salt intake lead to high blood pressure

Sodium is a component of salt; which is scientifically known to cause high blood pressure. It is better you opt for low sodium diet if your prone to high blood pressure rather than high sodium diet.

Trimethylamine N-oxide

Heart participates in numerous activities of the body, keeping it healthy is very essential. Eating healthy foods aid optimal performance of the heart.

Trimethylamine N-oxide is another compound found in red meat that can dramatically increase your chances of having heart diseases.

Different studies have associated frequent consumption of red meat with risk factor of heart problem (3)

Red meat are lamb, beef, and pork which could trigger cardiovascular disease.

There are abundance of nutrients in red meat such as zinc, iron, vitamin B12 and saturated fat.

However, saturated fat and trimethylamine N-oxide are component of red meat that accelerate your chances of developing heart-related diseases, if consumed frequently.

Making a healthy food choice and consulting a dietitians can immensely help keep heart-related diseases at bay.

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