Pure Ocotea Essential Oil, Benefits & Skin Care

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Pure Ocotea essential oil is produced from the stem and leaves of ocotea plant via steam distillation. Ocotea plant belongs to the family of cinnamon.

Over the years, ocotea has remained the source of microbial ( viruses, bacteria, fungal), repellent, although ocotea oil is not Just function as a repellent but also play a significant role in humans as it impressively treat various diseases such as digestive system, stress and anxiety, maintain health heart  (1) .

However, as every plant originate from one region to another probably because of the soil fertility, climatic conditions, ocotea plant is said to have originated from Ecuador, south American where it is popularly cultivated and harvested, for different purposes.

Today, ocotea has attracted the attention of the world due it prominence in health benefits.

This ocotea essential oil, with amazing aroma, supported with different components such as Camphor, Safro, Beta-caryophylene, cinnamadehyde.

Health Benefit Of  Pure ocotea essential oil include; support digestion, maintains normal blood sugar levels, prevent fungal infection, weight loss, Health heart, maintains healthy skin, reduce stress and anxiety, Hair care and treat inflammation.

9 Health Benefits Of  Pure Ocotea Essential Oil

1. Support digestion

Every food consumed is expected to be properly digested, absorbed and utilized for body building and maintenance. Failure to be digested, meaning indigestion which can cause unfavorable symptoms including, constipation, chest burne, diarrhea to mention but a few. Ocotea essential oil when used promote effective digestive system by stimulating metabolism, thus enhancing secretion of digestive enzymes. In addition, moderately use of ocotea essential oil does not only promote effective digestion but as well as improving absorption of food.

2. Maintains Normal Blood Sugar Level

Abnormal rise in blood sugar level are reason behind various metabolic syndrome or diabetics . This occurs when the receptors cells of the muscles, liver, and the adipose cells cannot respond to insulin, which result to a reflux of glucose(sugar) back into blood stream. However, the health professionals often times opt for normalization of blood sugar level via dietary, since there are no adverse effect, if use moderately with a carrier oil. Ocotea essential oil is superb in this regard. Applications of ocotea essential oil does not only prevent insulin resistance, but effectively boost insulin sensitivity in order to optimise blood sugar level.

3. Prevent Fungal Infections

Fungal infection could be life threatening, when it attack may lead to further health complications, thanks to ocotea essential oil properties. You can only get this impressive benefit by regular use of ocotea essential oil. Ocotea essential oil is very effective for slowing the growth and elimination of fungal infection so as to provide a healthy conditions.

4. Enhance Weight Loss

When you apply ocotea essential oil on the body the metabolic rate of individual tend increase, leaving you with effective breaking down of the muscles and tissues thus, decrease the fat deposits so as to maintain a healthy weight. It is also helps in slowing the craving for food which will reflect on the weight loss.

5. Help Treat Inflammation

Science has revealed that ocotea essential oil possess anti-inflammatory properties, which is well known for combating inflammation. It is also an established fact, that when ocotea essential oil is applied topically provides cure for both acute and chronic inflammation of the skin.

6. Maintains Healthy Skin

Constantly message with ocotea essential oil on the body may provides positive result for those who wish to improving their skin health. Although, naturally based products, have always been recommended for skin smoothness and moisturizing benefits. Use of ocotea essential oil mean a lot to the skin as it is very effective for elimination of various skin diseases such as eczema, and acne as will as enhancing rejuvenation of the skin cells. Moreover, dark spot and wrinkles, even inflammation can also be minimized by regular use of ocotea essential oil.

7. Reduce anxiety & Stress

Ocotea essential oil can be used to moderate and maintain cortisol, a stress hormone. Messaging the the body with ocotea essential oil impact positively on the brain, which in turn relieves pains and soothe the nervous system. Similarly, calmness and the relaxation of the mind, are some benefits that have made it widely used in aromatherapy even though it may put migraine headache at bay.

8. Hair Care

Adding ocotea essential oil with olive oil can be a best approach for enriching the hair as it promote a healthy hair follicles, which in turn improve the scalp effect. However, many use ocotea essential oil simply, because it can ward off dandruff and prevent hair loss due to it antimicrobial properties found it.

9. Maintains The Heart Health

Maintaining and management of a healthy heart requires a regular check and adequate dietary management to prevent development of cardiovascular disease, such as stroke, heart attack, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Ocotea essential oil is believed to contribute in minimizing and reducing the appearance of stroke, heart attack, cholesterol level, even moderate blood pressure. This is because it possess antioxidant properties, which may assist in scrapping out build up on the arteries and blood vessels.

Pure Ocotea essential oil might not be known by everyone but that does not mean it’s not beneficial to humans. However, ensure you dilute it with a carrier oil to avoid numerous side effect. If you are down with diabetics and high blood pressure always consult a health professional since their in the best position to treat.

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