What Are The Benefits Of Tangerine Essential Oil

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Pure Tangerine essential Oil is also know as “citrus reticulate ” The peel of tangerine fruit is subjected into a careful compression before oil could be extracted for medicinal and different purposes.

Tangerine is grown in China, and remained mostly used in herbal medicine, and has spread all over the world. Tangerine has an attractive color, warm citrus aroma mostly liked by women folk. Even though commonly used in aromatherapy for healing purpose such as relaxation of nerves cells, depression, digestive system, wound healing. It can also use be in production of soap, perfume to mention but a few.

Pure Tangerine essential oil health benefits include; skin care, relieves stress, and anxiety, maintain the hair, pain relieves, prevent cancer, weight reduction, treat body odor, relieves spasm, improve digestion problems (1) .

Components of tangerine essential oil
Gamma terpinolene

What Are The Health Benefits Of pure Tangerine Essential Oil

1. Skin care

Tangerine essential oil helps maintain the appearance of skin, by clearing up acne, eczema and wrinkles. They help inhibit pimples formation, cause by acne, as well as minimizing inflammation. Tangerine essential oil also enhance collagen synthesis, thereby eliminating wrinkles. It is much better to be added with a carrier oil while using on the skin. Apart from lubricating the skin and regeneration of new cells, it also delay aging process.

2. Relieves stress & anxiety

Tangerine essential oil, most time we over work ourselves than ever, or too much engagement on day to day activities could contribute or induce stress and anxiety. Which can triggers depression and weakness. Tangerine essential oil contains sedative properties well known for it effectiveness in calming nerves cells and ensuring relief from anxiety and improve general well-being.

3. Maintain The Hair

Tangerine essential oil make the hair glossily healthy as it promote circulation of blood to the hair follicles. Moisturizerisation of the hair, preventing hair loss, dandruff and itching are functions of tangerine essential oil in human body. It may also inhibit growth of bacteria and fungus on the scalp. Putting a few drops in a carrier oil, is better to avoid skin irritation. This way, amazingly earned you a good result.

4. Pain Relief

Tangerine essential oil can serve as home remedy for pains. It is very effective for elimination of joint pain, nerves pain and cramps. It is use as painkiller; slowing the progress of inflammation that may triggers pains. Mixing it with a carrier oil, using topically will earned you a healthy living.

5. Prevent Cancer

Taken a necessary natural remedy and preventive measures is a best alternative to keep cancerous cells at bay. Tangerine essential oil help detoxifier the body against free radicals, which cause cellular damage, inflammation and eventually leads to cancer. Tangerine essential oil may help boost immune system to fight off these dreaded cells and clean it from infectious disease so as to foster a healthy conditions of the body.

6. Weight Reduction

It has been reported that overweight or obese patients is constantly predispose to heart related disease. Modifications of caloric intake is required. Tangerine essential oil, a natural remedy helps increase the metabolic rate, thus enhancing building up and breaking down of tissues as to reduce the risk of overweight that could have be occur.

7. Treat Body Odor

Growth of skin bacteria has been identified as a factor capable of producing bad odor in the body, this often happens when there is production of sweat by the person.
Tangerine essential oil possess a fantastic fragrance believed to be helpful in minimizing bad odor, a common additive in natural deodorant. It may also help relieves body odor, decrease production of sweat and destroy growth of bacteria in the skin.

8. Relieves spasm

Tangerine essential oil has a relaxing properties which can be use to reduce spasm effect. Spasm could lead to complications if it is not treated, leaving the body with diarrhoea, cough. It’s use to relaxes the nerves cells , just message on the muscle cramps. Spasm does not only
Relaxes nerves, muscle cramps but may also affect some system like circulatory system and digestive system.

9. Improve Digestion Problem

There are many benefits you get after using tangerine essential oil, getting rid of indigestion and it’s symptoms. Tangerine essential oil  helps  increase secretion of digestive juice, leaving the body in a healthy digestive system, it can spark movement of peristalsis from the mouth to the intestine walls. By so doing, factors contributing indigestion is minimised.

Pure Tangerine essential oil is produced by compressing peel of tangerine fruit. Use of tangerine essential oil has been identified with numerous health benefits. Moreover, it possess a lot of natural compounds like terpineol, that foster general well-being of the body.

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