Rosewood Essential Oil, Benefits & Skin Care

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Rosewood essential oil (Aniba Rosaeaordora) is derived from Woody flesh of the tree via steam distillation.

It could be say that rosewood is a native of Brazil, but have extended to many countries around the world.

Rosewood essential oil is highly considered in aromatherapy as it possess properties that are beneficial to health.

However, there no doubt that rosewood oil has become an integral part of herb medicine to cure several ailments such as skin disorder, depression, erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, it is characterized with warm, spicy, fruity, woody, warm aroma.

Rosewood oil found among the versatile essential oil, and an ingredient used in perfume and soap making.

Component of rosewood oil is as follows, mycene, camphene, linalool oxide and alpha terpineol.

Health benefit Rosewood oil include;
Analgesic properties, fight against bacterial, deodorant, relieves depression, anti-inflammatory properties, for skin care, improve stimulation and antiseptic properties (1) .

What Are The Health Benefits Of Rosewood Essential Oil

1. Possess analgesic properties

Rosewood essential oil has analgesic properties, filled with great potent to combat toothache and headache. It serve as home remedy for minimizing all forms of toothache, headache and muscle pain. Therefore, using it help eliminate factors that promote pains.

2. Possess antiseptic properties

Untreated wound, and cut attract many dangerous bacteria that can cause further skin damage. Rosewood oil possess a properties that can keep all these pathogens at bay. It also treat insects bite and reduce signs of inflammation. Drop few drops of rosewood oil on the side of the affected area.

3. Fight against Bacteria

It can also keep the environment clean from bacteria. Its properties help hinder and kill spread of germs. Today, it has become a major ingredients in herb medicine preparation due to it’s components help reduce symptoms of bacteria.

4. Deodorant

When bacteria overgrow in your body the may contribute unpleasant sweat odor. It contains good aroma, if use properly help clear and inhibit bacteria know for body odor.

5. Relieves Depression

Sometimes many neglect the magical power of rosewood oil for reducing depression. Depression is common among male and female worldwide, it occur when one is psychologically disturbed. Rosewood oil helps stabilized the mental state by ensure calmness and reduce stress and anxiety.

6. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Rosewood essential oil help prevent inflammation like muscle pain, joint pain and swollen, this is because of anti-inflammatory properties in it.

7. For skin Care

Using it moderately with carrier oil, allow the body build new skin cells. It enhance rejuvenation of cells and tissues, delay aging as well as removal of fine lines, and wrinkles.

8. Improve Stimulation

Stimulation is very essential in the body, bile, digestive system, circulatory system, hormone and enzymes perform better when they are stimulated. There are important things to gain from using rosewood oil, help stimulate the body to function effectively; it is a natural remedy, no adverse effect if use as recommended. Message the stomach with rosewood and remain healthy.

Rosewood essential oil is one of powerful essential oil use to fight various disease such as skin disorder, erectile dysfunction, and inflammation. Due to it properties, it is highly recognized in the aromatic- therapeutic practice.

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