11 Health Benefits Of  Pure Lemongrass essential Oil 

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11 Health Benefits Of  Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil 

Pure Lemongrass  essential Oil is produced from a dried leaves plant of lemongrass(Cymbopogon Citratus) through an intensive steam distillation. Lemongrass oil is found among the ingredients used at cosmetics industries, probably because of it desirable citrus scent.

The herb medicine is a native of India, and has attracted the attention of other countries like European, where lemongrass oil has form a major part of their traditional medicine for treatment of several ailments including anxiety and stress, cough,even fever.

Moreover, lemongrass oil is use in the aromatherapy to cure different disease such digestive disorder, depression, skin infections as a result of it’s properties.

Pure Lemongrass oil health benefits include: may combat digestive disorder, mataintain the kidney, improve mood, maintain nervous system, reduce stress and foster quality sleep, relieves pains, prevent infections, Help in wound healing, antifungal properties, good for skin and hair,and combat fever (1) .

11 Health Benefits Of  Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil 

1. Lemongrass oil Combat Digestive Disorder:
Digestive disorder often occurs among male and female, caused mostly by wrongful selection of food, inappropriate preparation, unhealthy gut, as well as impaired secretion of digestive juice. In combating digestive disorder, lemongrass oil is very supportive as it involves the stimulation of the secretion of digestive juice, cleaning and reviving the gut, even enhancing absorption of food. Moreover, taking lemongrass as a tea has proven to be more efficient, since it eliminate symptoms associated to digestive disorder.

2. Maintain the Kidney

Poor passage of urine constitute crystallisation of electrolyte in the urinary track, thus leading to kidney stone. Steady consumption of lemongrass hydrates the body, speeds up urination so as to get rid of waste products, a risk factors of uric acid – kidney stone. Aside ensuring frequent urination, it prevents the formation of uric acid; and its contribution to the kidney is very amazing as it promotes a healthy kidney.

3. Improve Mood

Mood is regulated by a hormone called cortisol, meaning that level of cortisol in the blood influences mood and depression positively or negatively. Applying lemongrass as a tea or using it topically, impact excellently on the pituitary gland, brain – thus enhancing mood. By so doing, it ensures relief of stress and as well as moderates cortisol level in the body.

4. Maintains Nervous system

Nervous system is an important system in the body, which required a healthy diet in order to perform efficiently, prevent neurological damage and poor motor control. Lemongrass oil is excellently good for proper functioning of the nervous system. Regular uses of lemongrass oil, means you’re improving the nervous system, keeping shakiness, Alzheimer and all symptoms associated to it at bay.

5. Reduce Stress and Enhance Sleep Quality

Sleep is one of those things that makes life very enjoying after day to day running activities. When will sleep the components of the body, the muscles,the nerves cells relaxes and regenerate to provide effective functions of the body, meaning that lemongrass oil uses promote quality sleep by relaxing the muscles and nerves cells. Moreover, lemongrass calming and relaxing properties, aid in reducing stress as well as improve sleeping, earned it widely uses as teas to eliminate sleeping disorder.

6. Relieves pains

Pains either in the joint,head, abdomen, anywhere within the body is very unpleasant and annoying. The prescription over the counter is always painkiller drugs which often times present with side effect. Suppressing pains in the body is the functions of the lemongrass oil, this is because it possess analgesic properties. Topical application of lemongrass oil is very promising since it reduce the feeling of joint pain, and aches.

7. Prevent infection

Pure Lemongrass oil can serve in various capacities, though it possess antimicrobial properties, that means lemongrass oil when used either as tea or as bath oil can combat and prevent infections. The lemongrass oil aid in fighting against microbial infections such as, fungal,viruses, bacterial and among others to provide overall well-being.

8. Help in Wound Healing

Promoting wound healing process is another uses of lemongrass essential oil. Rubbing lemongrass essential oil around the wound provide a pleasing environment, as it clean, speed up recovering process, completely inhibit growth of microbes on the wound.

9. Antifungal infection

Lemongrass essential oil possess antifungal properties, meaning it can drastically fight off fungal infection on the skin such as athletes foot. Applying lemongrass essential oil as a topical cream may ensure total reduction of symptoms associated to fungal infection on the skin. Studies conducted have show that it is very potent in combating fungal infection.

10. Good For Skin & Hair Health

Lemongrass essential oil uses provide a healthy hair follicles, thus moisturizing the hair, reducing scalp infection, hair loss as well as promoting glossiness of the hair. It antimicrobial properties assist in destroying bacteria, viruses, and fungal, which can cause skin disease include, acne, eczema, psoriasis and wrinkles. Rubbing on the skin may be good natural approach to combat skin and hair infection.

11. Combat Fever

Lemongrass oil has long be used traditionally for combating fever and it’s related symptoms. It achieved these by effectively reducing the high body temperature triggered by the infection. Therefore, it is not necessarily good to say topical applications of lemongrass oil is much more better then using it as tea, it all depends on individual choice, hence both can earn you speed recovering.

Pure Lemongrass essential oil is used for the treatment of various diseases, and is very amazing.

Application of lemongrass essential oil provides relief from microbes, as it inhibit their growth in human body.

Moreover, lemongrass essential oil is safer for consumption. People take it as tea or use topically to minimize disease.

11 Health Benefits Of  Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil 

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